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“If you want justice go to a whorehouse,

If you want to get screwed go to a courthouse.”

— Weed Grower, Emerald Triangle in California


The scammers are out, so be ready. The new one is the IRS scammers that call and state they need payment over the phone.  They have just enough information to make the call seem real.  The number they call from is also a mirror of the IRS call numbers.  They will call back and state that they are DMV and you are going to lose your license, or state that they are the police and they are on their way to pick you up.  DON’T FALL FOR IT!  The IRS doesn’t call, they write.  Hang up the phone, or have some fun and let them have it!  Either way DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY, and do not give out any PERSONAL INFORMATION.  If you have older parents advise them.  They seem to be a favorite target of the scammers.


The study, understanding, acceptance of COMPARTMENTALIZATION in the management of Personal Protection Clients, Agents, and other is all important.  As the Detail Leader there will be many things that occur during one 24 hour period.  They must be listened to, thought about and dealt with as they come up.  There will be times where tempers will flair, ideas confused, orders misunderstood, mistakes, accidents, whatever, they must be dealt with in the “box” that they occur and then the DL must go on.  The Agents must understand this.  I can be dealing with something in a firm way, turn around and be smiling and enjoying the moment the next.  The point is, you are firm when you need to be, light when you need to be, aggressive when you need to be, etc., etc., but don’t take any one thing TOO seriously or TOO lightly.  You must be able to COMPARTMENTALIZE each action, tie it off and then go on.  Just remember when making the decisions, the LAWS OF REDUNDANCY and having A, B, C, D.  “A” will fail most of the time, so decisions will have to follow a course that other Security Agents will know and carry on.



This is a classic in the study of Human Nature and Why?  From a Private Investigators standpoint, wife standpoint, and psychology standpoint it is one of the most frustrating things in Human Investigative Psychology.

Let’s begin with what this is. VAGINAE MAGICA PARADOX is when a man has everything that others would deem a great life: beautiful intelligent wife, healthy beautiful kids, great job, education, looks, power, money, honor and then, for reasons not at all clinical, reasonable or logical they walk away from that life.  They walk away from it for a woman with nothing more than VAGINA MAGICA, or magical Vagina.  There is no other explanation for the pain, suffering humiliation, etc. that the man endures in order to have the paramour.  One example written about lately, was TIGER WOODS and one of the women he was having an affair with.  She lived in a trailer park, had no education, no means of income other than solicitation of self, no real interest in him other than money, but he risked his entire life to be with this woman, and others of similar ilk.  Failure of these relationships is 99.99% and higher, but the male continues to risk, chase and hunt for this inadequate quarry.

Now, the Psychologists and Psychiatrists have many reasons they believe this paradox occurs, but no one has yet to put their finger on it, nor the ability to say it won’t happen again, after their “treatment” is concluded.  In leau of a bodyguard contracted to watch the man 24/7/365, the Magical Vagina hunt will continue once the male is allowed a little unsupervised freedom.  The destructive actions of the male will not cease, and the constructive actions of the mental health professionals, wife, and friends and family will be in vain.


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