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Now entering its third week, the eerie vanishing of Malaysia Airlines 370 severely undermines confidence in airline security, and raises suspicions that all the post-9/11 security “reforms”–everything from dumping out bottles of water, to lines of travelers padding into full-body scanners in socks or bare feet–seem to create only the illusion of safer travel. Curiously, in today’s digital age, the mode of transport itself–the jetliner–is still sustained by technology from the radio era. While airline passengers can text on board, answer emails and surf the net, even stream movies through in-cabin wifi, the technology powering the plane itself is resigned to pre-dial-up internet connection speeds. And while today billions of devices, including the personal gadgets that can be used in-flight, are connected to the Internet, jetliners such as the missing Malaysia flight are not among them.


Four years ago today, President Barack Obama signed Obamacare into law, pledging that Americans could keep their health care plans and their doctors and that their coverage would be “more secure and stable” than before.


NATO’s top military commander expressed concern Sunday about the buildup of Russian forces on Ukraine’s border, as Moscow’s forces consolidated their control of Crimea over the weekend.


President Obama’s deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken says that Russia’s economy is suffering from U.S. sanctions.


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