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“We have the illusion of Security, we do not have Security.”

— Isaac Yeffet, Former Israeli Airline Security Chief


What happened to Flight 370? There are plenty of theories by every kind of “expert” there is, but all of the theories add up equal zero.  No one knows what happened and the chances of this story ever being completely understood as time passes diminishes with each passing day.  The best the people truly involved (victim’s families) can hope for right now is that the plane is found, bodies recovered and some peace and stability returned to their lives.  There are some truly intelligent people working to do just that, FIND THE PLANE, they are dedicated and are working around the clock to this purpose.  While this is being accomplished the press is working diligently to fill space and time on 24 hour News Shows.  In doing so stupidity, chaos and a lot of ridiculous theories are being spelled out and promoted.  I can say this without any doubt, WE WILL NEVER KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! Prepare yourself for that and the onslaught that will follow.


While we are talking about Flight 370, I will repeat my surprise that both transponder switches for location and monitoring of the 777 were/are placed side by side in the cabin of the jet.  It is astounding in today’s world and today’s security, criminal and terrorist environments that the only true way to track a COMMERCIAL JET were both placed in the “hotbed” of the jet, the cabin. I cannot fathom why this would be done with no redundant system not available to anyone with elementary knowledge of the Jet and it’s systems so available to the bad guy’s ability to just switch them off.  If this were a Private Jet, I could understand this craziness, but this is a COMMERCIAL AIRLINER flying out of areas known to be low security and a high threat.  Why not take the risk out and put in systems that will track airliners all of the time with no ability to cut them off.  Why would you not want a commercial jet available on radar anyway.  What would THAT purpose be?  When this is all said and done, I believe I could convince a jury that there is and continues to be MASSIVE NEGLIGENCE on the part of BOEING and the part of MALAYSIAN AIRLINES.  It’s just sad that SO many have to suffer death, and suffer emotionally for terrible decisions being made that were easily predictable and fixable.  Know this, the most obvious answers to Security problems are not always obvious to those pulling the strings.  Trust yourself, your own experiences and your own education.  Make your doubts known to the proper people at the proper time and place.  If you are shot down then, at least, you have a clear conscious, or leave the situation and carry on.


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