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I want to know why POTUS doesn’t go back to the Jet the U.S. public supplies to him. There is NO need for him to take over an entire hotel. The airport is secure, it is much easier on the Agents, there is plenty of food and the amenities are grandiose. If he needs to leave, he is right there.


The Taliban must be truly proud of this heinous crime. The slaughter of nine innocent unarmed people including children. To shoot children in the head at point blank range shows a sickness that is truly rare in this world. The four maggots that carried out these murders deserved much worse than they got. Their families should be proud, their friends should be proud to have known such pig animals, but, of course, I am slandering the pig, the dog, any animal, insect, or reptile I use to a degree that is monolithically unacceptable. It is sad, it is tragic and it will happen again.


Still in limbo.


The Government is not agreeing to anything that the law already doesn’t state. The problem was the Government was breaking the law. The need for accountability from the FISA Judges is one of the weaknesses. They agree to anything the Feds throw at them and that should not be the case. I cannot say that I trust the Government to follow any rules that are in this agreement. I am positive there are many loopholes that allow the Government to circumvent the law.


Good riddance.


The problem, again., is not the people, but the fact that they are ILLEGALS. They are breaking the laws of this country and then want a pass. All the movies in the world and pity stories are not going to cover up that FACT. Quit breaking the law and put in your paperwork. If you can’t get in, then you can’t get in you don’t forego the law because you are from Mexico and the country is run like crap.


More Yada! Yada! Yada!


More waste.


Ridiculous behavior! Firek should hang.


How long does it take the Feds to try a case? Tis has been going on for years and years. My God, what a waste on top of a waste!



It continues!


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