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957 Days, 15 Hours, 51 Minutes 


“A Professional is a man who can do his best at a time when he doesn’t particularly feel like it.”

— Alistair Cooke


I received a phone call yesterday from a client stating that she had a friend that was planning a trip to Mexico.  She told me the town and wanted to know if it was safe or not to travel there.  I knew of the individual (Subject) she was speaking about and the fact that he and his family are very well off.  I was not told if the Subject was traveling alone or with his family.  It really doesn’t matter. The point I want to make here is the fact that just by that Subject landing at the airport in Mexico changes the dynamic and creates an anomaly that bad guys are looking for.  People will say that Cancun is safe and they never have trouble when traveling there.  That may be right for some people.  But it is important to remember that “very well off” in Mexico is at a different standard.  You don’t have to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars to attract the wrong type of attention. For instance, coming in on a Private Jet draws attention and is monitored the second it lands at the International Airport.  Being accompanied by bodyguards is information that the rats at the airport squeal to the bad guys about.

As to this Subject, the easier the target the better.  No Security – obviously an easier target.  Also, what are they wearing? What are they carrying? What are they (Subjects) protecting? What are their names? What form of transportation are they taking? Where are they staying?  The questions continue, but remember this: if the truly bad guys are going to get involved, they are not going to hit a soft (no monied) target. They will know what is going on and they will know things about you that you wouldn’t think they’d know.  They will hit hard, and they will hit fast. They will have a plan and they will have protection.  The police will always be one second late, one step behind, not one, but two phone calls away (It is planned that way).  So, like the man said many years ago about the rich and wealthy, “They are NOT like us; they are different; they stick out.”  Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is NOT so good.  If you think you can hide in the bucket with the crabs, you are wrong.  You will be front and center stage.  You are a VALUABLE ASSET, a VALUABLE COMMODITY and you DEFINITELY will be cared for!


The Rule of CRAWL, WALK, RUN has been a Special Forces mantra for many years in training their own, and also foreign shoulders and other. It is perfect for use in Personal Protection Specialists who feel that go too fast into running their own company, but do not understand everything that is needed to do so.  Failure in this business is 99% and higher.  There is a lot to learn there is as lot understand.  Just a simple list is: DCJS credentials, local licenses, training, incorporation, insurance, computer skills, focus on specific skill sets, what clientele are you after, where are you willing to travel, understanding other states and countries laws, banking laws and rules, weapons training, continuing education in Personal Protection, etc. etc.  If there ever was a Profession to crawl, walk, run, this is it.  Work hard, study hard and take your time.


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