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MIKE ROGERS LEAVING CONGRESS! Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


It is coming so I hope the Ukraine is ready for it.  What is Obama and his Obinions going to do then.  Why don’t you send Kerry back again.  He did SO well the first time.  I feel better about it!


Obama has NO plan and his Secretary of State couldn’t negotiate a lemonade stand.  The people of the Ukraine should fear because we are not going to do anything for them.


I would not count on it.


The TOWN CLOWN speaks, and as usual, says something really stupid!  “Oh, we are SO proud of our used car salesman VP!”


What a bunch of ILLEGAL maggots!  The gift that keeps on giving.  Obvious criminality, committed by those that are here illegally.


This is a great spending of resources!  Are you kidding me?  Why not treat transgender people like everyone else.  Isn’t treating them differently illegal?  Today is CRAZY Friday!


Here we go once again!  Do you k now where the plane is or not?  If you don’t then shut up until you do!  Enough said!


Yo Ray, she is not luggage!  This guy is pulling the woman around like she is a cheap, beat up suit case.  It reminds me of the old Samsonite commercial where the gorilla is behind the curtain once you check you’re luggage and the bag is then thrown, stomped on, abused greatly. He even drags her on the floor.  Love is a painful endeavor.


All of the changes make sense except for arming TSA Agents.  You are just giving weapons to the bad guys.  That is after they take it from the TSA Agents.  There are certain things that occur in life that nothing can truly be done to have changed the outcome.  The Moment of Truth (MOT) in this situation was the arresting of the BAD GUY before he got to the airport.  The father of the BG was just an hour or two late calling the cops on his son.  Once the BG is on location, it is done!



This is just fantastic! NOT!


ROGER THAT!  Now, get rid of it!


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