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Clapper, Brennan and Alexander are,…well I will let you decide.  They are continuing to break the law over and over and over again, and they don’t care.  The rights of Americans don’t even enter their crooked minds.  What is more horrendous is their destroying the Constitution little by little, bit by bit under their illegal auspices.


Freeing this MAGGOT and comparing his actions to Snowden’s is crazy.  Pollard stole information from the U.S. and gave it to the Israeli’s for MONEY, pure greed was his motive.  To let this guy go would be a disgrace and serve no purpose for America other than to stab her in the back again.


OH MY GOD!  I hope the loser that pulled in front of the Lamborghini has his insurance paid up.  What an idiot


Find a well and drop this guy down in it.  He is not worth the ink that has been used to talk about him.  Easily forgotten.  There is gutless and stupid and then there is this clown.


What? The CIA lied about something?  No Way!  They are all X-Eagle Scouts.  I can’t say I feel any pity for the maggots they were “Interrogating”.  They seemed to deserve each other.  There are plenty of AQ training Manuals that talk about what they would go through when captured, so I believe, like in pro basketball or other sports, when the going gets tough, people start hitting the floor with questionable injuries.  Pity the maggot “terrorist” because he is put into cold water.  What is he, a cat!  They knew what they were in for when they chose the path of the gutless, yellow-bellied, coward terrorist club.  Screw’em!  That being said, the CIA was too busy enjoying the “work” they were doing.  Whether it was producing any actionable intelligence didn’t matter.


If the CIA didn’t know what was going on in Libya at the time then they should have kept their mouths shut until they did.  Morell’s story doesn’t make any sense now or then.  He is covering for his part in being a PUPPET for the White House.  I believe if I was in the position SUSAN RICE was in I would have waited until there was CONFIRMATION as to what was happening that evening.  But this would have made sense and the Obama White House figured that slandering a man in Florida and coming up with the ridiculous lies they did could be force-fed to the American public through the GUTLESS media.  The media, of course, that can and will not find any wrong with OBAMA no matter what frauds he produces, sells and pushes.


This is what I like to read.  A British sniper shoots one insurgent and his explosive vest goes off killing six more insurgents. ” Buy that man a drink!” I am all for it.  My day has been made better already.


I hope they find the girl.  It is probably not going to happen in a good way.  This guy was a maggot of the highest order.  It is truly sad for the girl to have the parents she had and be put into the position she was with a murderer.


Get use to this because a lot more of it is coming.



At least the callers got sent to an organization that could do them some good.  Unlike the UnAffordable Care Act “Hot Ladies” sounded intriguing.


This is ONE of the greatest FRAUDS ever put onto the American people!  For Obama and Carney to stand in front of the people of this great country and LIE to such a degree is unheard of.  It is despicable   The people are suffering in the tens of millions from this fraud and the clowns in the White House ware patting themselves on the back and claiming VICTORY!  Are you kidding me?  Let me the one to say it, “THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES!”  It is a FRAUD, and it is destroying countless people’s lives.


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