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949 Days, 16 Hours, 26 Minutes, 36 Seconds


“I stand behind what I have said to you and testified to Congress about the talking points issue.  Neither the Agency, the analysts, nor I cooked the books in any way.”

— Mike Morell, former acting Director of the CIA testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.

Whatever you say Mike.  It’s getting harder and harder to chew on that Clinton shoe leather promising future government jobs isn’t Mike?  I hope it was worth it, throwing away your honor and integrity for a chance to serve Hillary.  So sad!


MIKE MORELL, the former acting Director of the CIA, testified yesterday before the House Committee investigating the Benghazi debacle.  Remember the next word, OBFUSCATION!  That is the Word of the Day inside of the Thought of the Day.  This testimony would be hilarious, but for the seriousness of four dead Americans (One the highest ranking diplomat in Libya) and lies and lies and lies lined up from here to the moon.  MIKE MORELL was head of the Agency that claims that they are the LEADING INTELLIGENCE gathering AGENCY in the World.  This is FAR from the truth, but we shall carry on.  Either Morell is the worst FACT gatherer the World has ever known, or he is completely incompetent.  Since I am getting SO much information that he is an INTELLIGENT man, I must then stand on the fact that he was guilty of obfuscation.  Let me go off in another direction here.

Many people in Washington have this DNA problem where they are in constant need, love, want, desire for POWER.  The problem is, the Government doesn’t pay enough for them to stay in Government service and afford the houses in McLean, private school for the kids and the ex’s (X Wives and Husbands with the child payments, etc., etc.), which the CIA employees pile up in the 90+ percentile, so they leave for awhile make a few million off of the private sector using the JOB TITLE they had in the Government, then they jump back into the Government on the back of whoever the next Government Head is.  The major point is, their loyalty is only ever to themselves, the power trip, and whatever is needed to feed it. Morell did not “invent the wheel” here, he is just doing what thousands have done before him.  In thinking in the abstract, and the hypothetical, I would be willing to bet that in the back of his mind, he will leave his present private sector job and come back to some high power job in the Government on the back of HILLARY CLINTON, if she is elected in the future.

Back to Benghazi, Morell followed the Obama Administration line.  He gave the finger to his Station Chief in Libya, who said that there was no demonstration going on, it was a terrorist attack (No one gives the finger to the Station Chief! That is crazy in and of itself!).  He gave the finger to the FBI and threw them under the bus stating that they were the ones that colluded on the same inaccurate statements about the demonstrators.  He is standing on what he claims were the “numbers” he was looking at and he played the percentages, and his analysts BACK AT LANGLEY SAFE AT THEIR IN-HOUSE STARBUCKS!  This is a massive problem in that he had his head down looking at numbers and the world was moving around him at the speed of light.  I would venture to say that not many people who actually had knowledge of the Benghazi attack believed any of the “talking points” Morell OK’ed, or let fly over his head for SUSAN RICE.  They were a complete lie, falsehood, and obfuscation of the truth.  I would have to guess at his motives for these actions and statements he made, but I have a few ideas.


This is a simple one, but one that catches me all of the time, and requires coming up with some system to keep track of the expiration of all of my licenses so I can renew them on time.  There are few things more painful in this business than to have your license expire and you have to go through pain and suffering to get it renewed.  It has happened to me a couple of times with Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) over 29 years, as well as paperwork for the corporation and other licenses, certifications, organizations, associations and other time sensitive things.  Hell, I had to deal with a bank yesterday that was going to close one of my account because there hadn’t been any action on it in two years.  I cannot understate the importance off having a dependable person keeping track of this information and advising you of the deadlines.  I was lucky and had such a person.  She is now going on to bigger and better things.  I wish her well, but that doesn’t change the fact that now I MUST come up with a new system.  It is not that I want to, or get any enjoyment out of it, but it IS one of those things that must be dealt with when running a successful Security, Investigation, Risk Management business.


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