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If this guy was SO crazy, over SO long, why was he not thrown out of the military.  I mean really, who is running the show here?  It is stated that the mental problems this POS had were not from his military service.  Anyone else showing signs of CRAZY would be thrown out. The press comparing what this guy did to other soldiers who commit suicide is JUST WRONG.  This maggot shot a lot of innocent people and only killed himself when a gun from a Police Officer was pointed at him and he couldn’t kill any more.  This guy was a MAGGOT and should not be placed in the same category as other soldiers who suffer mental illness, but do all they can to quell the disease.


Great article on Washington Politics and other.


This is sickening and a disgrace!  Obama and his Obinions continue to break laws once again, and play with the numbers to their benefit in an obvious ploy to increase voting for the LIBERALCRATS!


Feinstein and her people are crying over spilled milk here.  The Interrogation and Detention program, at the time, was legal.  THEY OK’ed it and went along with it.  Now they claim it is deplorable and disgusting and should never happen again.  It happened in the beginning because YOU bought into it.  You and the MACHINE couldn’t put people into chairs fast enough and pour water in their faces, now you stand on your high horses and claim it is/was terrible.  Yes, it was and is terrible, but it was part of War and YOU bought into it.  You reek of HYPOCRISY Mrs. Feinstein!


Why people keep protecting this woman other than the usual family members who get a lawyer just so they can sue somebody.  Stop saying she was not armed, SHE WAS, she was driving a vehicle at a high rate of speed and erratically.  She was told to stop many many times and she continued trying to hit people.  She was shot in the back of the head, WHO CARES!  She was trying to kill people, with her child in the car, what a maggot!  What difference does it matter, under the circumstances whether she was shot in the front of the head or back.  It matters not.  She was a RABID DOG that needed to be put down.  Now did the Secret Service, Police and other end the threat in the most proficient way, probably not, but their actions saved lives because this crazy woman was not going to stop until she WAS stopped.  It was a fluid situation and it was dealt with.  The woman was a Dangerous Criminal and was not only threatening violence, but carrying it out.  If she would have been in a plane she would have flown it into innocent people.  She is NOT a VICTIM here!  She is the DISEASE!


More news on ILLEGALS continuing to break the laws of this country and wanting a pass!



Good video on explaining what is happening to ammo around the country, and why it is in short supply.


It still exists!  The fraud continues.  Changing the FULL-TIME WORKWEEK from 40 hours to 30 hours is ridiculous in so many ways it is not worth talking about.  Anyone thinking that this is good for people, anyone thing that this would be good for business is CRAZY!  That’s all I am going to say about that!


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