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Once again the Republicans begin shooting themselves in the foot.  I know he is doing it as a ploy, but just to hear this goes to my brain stem.  The only act of love ILLEGALS break our laws for, is their own greed and avarice.  They want to cheat the system and that is what our present administration is allowing.  The next TERRORIST act will be because our South Western border is left wide open.

Of course PUTIN is behind the demonstrations and SQUATTING!  It is his way.  It is smart, and it is impossible to prove, but what he wants is accomplished.  It is the same thing he did in Moscow and other cities when he bombed buildings and killed his own citizens.  Putin is a tremendous believe in “the greater good!” and if you get in the way, then you die!  That is as simple as it gets.  If the U.S. Government doesn’t wake up and punch Putin in the face and wake him up to reality, then he will continue doing what he is doing.  It is his Manifest Destiny.–sector.html

Disgraceful and typical of “pink-pantied” individuals who practice hypocrisy on a large scale.

Keep the information coming.  The NSA is the worst lying organization yet created by the U.S. Government to “save” us from the boogey man.  Didn’t I say earlier that we would be a lot safer if ICE, FBI, Obama, Holder, Alexander, etc. actually enforced the laws already on the books?  They do not and as such our SOUTHERN border is open to ILLEGALS and whoever coming and going as will.  Notice the days left before these people are gone… HOPEFULLY!

It is going to get more aggressive.  You do not want to be stuck in the middle of this.

More stealing of American’s information.  Keep the information on THEM coming.;_ylt=AwrSyCVnLEJTl0IAu4_QtDMD

The SAD story continues.  Unbelievable.

A story about a woman who backs the premise that some people should have never been born.  This woman is THAT.

This is the “What the Hell?” story of the day.  Disgusting!

No trust.  This chick is evil!  Guilty!  The guy is crazy because he kept going back to her.  Whatever!  She threatened to cut his tongue out so that he could not pleasure other women.  I am not going to comment here other than to say, “have at it!”

These people are fricking SICK! ANIMALS!

Compared to some of the FREAKS written about today, this seems normal.

Obama daughter’s Protection Detail.

Very, very complicated!  Nature or not, there is no code that cannot be broken.  Nothing is “unbreakable”.

What you pay “wicked smart” people to spy on you, and not do the jobs for which they were hired.  Remember the gathering of HUMINT is the main reason for the CIA’s existence.  I think you will find with the latest guffaws and catastrophic failures that they are not doing this but at a small percentage.  It is too easy to fly Drones and shoot rockets from them at a Pass/Fail rate of 20 percent.  What a job!




Field stripping a BERETTA 92F, 9mm.


Still speechless that it exists.


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