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Was this a big surprise?  I mean really, this is the definition of the impossible gig!


Hillary’s reaction time is about five minutes off.  The same can be said for her reaction to BENGHAZI!  I don’t care much for Hillary, but throwing a shoe at her seems petty and childish.


Another example of why the DEATH PENALTY needs to stay in place.  This guy is a MAGGOT of the highest order and deserves the juice.


There are no words for this type of sickness.  Psychopath, Sociopath, Maggot none of these words are close.  SO sad for the children they were born to someone so pathetic.


Is this exciting news or what?  This guy is a TOOL of Putin’s and anything he says is expected and old.  He is weak and pathetic and deserves the hangman’s noose.


If the article above is pathetic, the U.S. Diplomat corps threatening anything to do with Russia is even more pathetic.  Poor old Kerry couldn’t threaten a box of Coco Puffs much less someone as nutty as Putin.  Save your breath Kerry you just look more weak and the weakness is a direct reflection on the rest of us.


Worthless! Big Brother like! Nazi like!


This is just sad.  All of those kids killed for nothing, for negligence of an idiot.


What a waste of money, time, and effort.  The millions and millions of dollars spent on these clowns is crazy.  They are not Super Men, they are little men that were allowed to get away with a lot.  If people would have done their jobs for the money they received none of this would be necessary, but no people do not do their jobs and these kind of cretins are allowed out in the world.  Building a 49 million dollar facility to house a dozen maggots is beyond crazy.  Let them rot in the prison they are in.  May they never see the light of day.  And as for spending close to a million dollars a year to house each one is again, CRAZY! And RIDICULOUS!  What a waste!


The GOOD NEWS of the day!  This kind of stuff I love



I wanted you to look at this video for a number of reasons, 1. Is the fact that she has modified the magazine drop and reload for her physical abilities.  She is very adept at this, but, 2. Her looking back at the magazines on her belt and then at the pistol to holster is totally wrong and tactically dangerous.  NEVER look back at magazines on belt, or at holster to re-holster weapon,  NEVER!


It still breathes!  So sad for America!


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