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938 Days, 13 Hours, 39 Minutes, 15 Seconds


Mortui viventes docent – The dead teach the living (Motto written on the front door of the autopsy room)


The Sun is shining, the weather is great, it is time to hit the gym, track, steps, bike, whatever and lose that extra 10-15 pounds you picked up over this ridiculously cold winter.  Now is the time, hopefully before Easter Sunday and more eating.  I went to a black tie event a couple of weekends ago and I am embarrassed to say that I could not hook my pants.  I had to go with the hook undone and a belt on  with a cumberbun covering the whole thing.  It was embarrassing, but a wake-up call for action, which has been taken with gusto!  Get your asses to the gym.


SHOOT-FINGER – This was a term in use with the Anglo-Saxons from its necessity with archery, and it is now called the trigger finger, from its equal importance in modern fire-arms.  The mutilation of this member was always a most punishable offense, for which the laws of King Alfred inflicted a penalty of fifteen shillings, which at that time probably was a sum beyond the bowman’s means.


The Rule of the Day is basic common sense and protection of the MACHINE.  The machine being your human body and all of the components of it.  Anything that risks the machine in any way should be side-stepped for a more prudent course.  Examples of what I am talking about include, but are not limited to motorcycle riding, games that risk injury to knees and legs, sports that risk injury to head, again anything that risks the machine.

I have a dear friend who has never taken the easy way in anything, least of all was this.  He arrived at his home, opened the garage door and walked into the garage.  There was some malfunction so he reached up and placed his right hand on the motor and pushed.  Before he knew it, the tracks had his right hand and specifically his right pointer finger which chopped it off clean as a whistle.  Now, you may say there was no way for him to know, but I would say before I stick my hand into any machinery that is malfunctioning it needs to be cut off, plug pulled, dead in the water and even then I would hesitate.

Needless to say, he has had to come up with some very creative shooting methods without half of his pointer finger.  I could go on with the people who I started in this business with who, for reasons of bad luck, stupid timing, bad decisions, injured themselves and greatly reduced their ability to be 100 percent.  Most found other things to do.  If you are injured training, or on the job — OK this happens and is acceptable, but if you are risking yourself on stupid things, STOP, re-evaluate and save yourself the grief.


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