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937 Days, 13 Hours, 39 Minutes, 15 Seconds


“People cannot be managed.  Inventories can be managed, but people must be led.”

– H. Ross Perot


Putin has no reason to stop what he is doing, which is taking over all of the Ukraine.  His troops, his special forces, his spies, his instigators are all puppets of the Master.  They are working perfectly right now and he will eventually take of the country and begin the process again unless someone steps on his coattails.  Obama and Kerry have shown that they are incapable of this, so the show goes on.  Every time Kerry, Carney, Obama step up to a microphone and state something stupid and limp into it about Putin and the Russian actions, they just look more and more weak.  Putin is a bully; he has short man’s syndrome, so he believes himself to be invincible right now, but he is not, but you (U.S.) have to have a plan.  Believe me Putin does and he is following it.  Everything he is doing CAN be reversed, but you have to “punch” him in the nose.  You have to stand toe-to-toe with him.  HE WILL BACK DOWN!  Or keep doing what YOU (we) are doing it seems to be working SO well!


“A PELOSI”: Pulling a PELOSI is to do something without thinking about it, reading it, asking about it, all of the time knowing it is not going to be good, but you do it anyway.  Aiming a pistol at his head and pulling the trigger, is pulling a PERMANENT PELOSI, signing a contract you knew you shouldn’t have signed without reading it is pulling a STUPID PELOSI.  At the end of the day, you add up your PELOSI’S.


EMPTY HAND – Empty Hand is the visual identification of whether a person has anything in one of their hands.  Once an item is noticed, it has to be identified and the item will label that person as FRIEND OR FOE.  Hopefully the item in the person’s hand/s can be identified before they are too close.  In Personal Protection there are few things more important than this.  Watch people’s hands.  Notice what they are carrying and how they are carrying it.  There are ways to carry just about anything that can, would be, are construed as aggressive.  If you cannot see a person’s hands and they are walking or running up to you, a stance of defense would be warranted, or at least, a stance to deflect, or step aside.  If you are protecting someone, obviously you will be required to step in front of the threat until it is identified as either Friend or Foe.


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