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What Clapper fails to see here with his overzealous talk of “If Constitutional violations were really Snowden’s main motivation, “he had a lot of options on where to go with it,” Clapper said. “He could have reported it to seniors at NSA, which he did not. Or, like Joe Darby, he could have gone to investigators. There’s an inspector general for NSA and another for the entire intelligence community who are Senate confirmed. My office has a civil liberties and privacy protection officer. Snowden could also have gone to the Justice Department or directly to the Congress.” Yeah right there Clapper.  Snowden would have been shut down and jailed in a second.  The point was/is the NSA and CIA were/are breaking the law.  You are stealing American citizens information and then claiming its a National Security issue.  That is a lie.  You lied to Congress so your credibility is crap anyway.  The problem you have my dear fellow is that Snowden comes across as more likable and honest than you and your surly horde of intelligence nightmare characters.  This is why you tell STUPID lies to begin with.  There is also the issue of SNOWDEN being about 60 points on the MENSA score smarter than you, Brennan and the rest.  Stop lying to us, the people, and the trust for you will be an issue because you are a terrible liar.  You wanted those shoes, now wear them my man.




A massive ABUSE OF POWER!  Obama and his puppet Obinions feel they can do whatever they want with his Executive Orders until he is stopped.  Any Republicans that sign on to this gross fostering to ILLEGALITY will suffer greatly at the hands of voters, REAL AMERICANS being victimized by Illegals.  Johnson is a pure PUPPET on strings.  He has NO concept of his job and his gutless nature only insures he will go down in history as weak, and incapable.


I come down on the FBI on occasion, but if this ridiculous system of investigation they are practicing stops maggots from harming innocent Americans then ask away.  I believe you are wasting valuable time and resources, but who am I to stand in front of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world and question their tactics.  They have been SO successful stopping things in the past.  RIGHT!


Lerner is a Liar and a CRIMINAL and should be in jail.  That’s all I am going to say about that waste of space.


Great system!  I don’t think it will last.  I know it won’t.


Wow, I am SO comforted by our leadership in this regard.  Did it take a Harvard education to come up with this?


Sad situation.


What a NUT!  Bloomberg needs to go away.  Take your money and disappear somewhere.  You are not relevant any longer.  You just look crazier!


BIG MISTAKE!  Oh, the criers will be out when the wheels come off of this wagon.  DeBlasio is an idiot and knows nothing about what he is getting into here.  Bratton is being given an impossible situation.  Grab the popcorn and watch.


Holder what a JOKE!  Not worth wasting zeros and ones on.


Good luck with this job.  I wish her luck.


I just found this story.  Very interesting reading.


This is obvious self-serving propaganda, but it is no better or no worse than what Obama does with the Unaffordable Care Act.  It is sad that politicians think that lying to this extreme will ever serve anything good.  The introduction of these people should be changed from the REGAL ones they get to, This is LYING POLITICIAN ———-, he/she is from where ever.



Disassembly of COLT 1911 .45 caliber.


It still breathes!  So sad for America!  Now Obama has taken over the CENSUS to cover the LIE!  There is no end to the fraud.


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