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    The following are INFORMATION, ARTICLES and OTHER that I found interesting for the day, week , month. My PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS are added to the information based on my EXPERIENCES in the SECURITY and INTELLIGENCE professions. If YOU have ARTICLES or OTHER you would like placed on the site, please do not hesitate to send them to me with YOUR OPINIONS at efpipps@gmail.com. I look forward to ALL of your comments and information.
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– 12 Dead On Mt. Everest In Avalanche
– Crib Creep Burglar Is Arrested
– Larry Flynt Has a Copy of Hustler Delivered to Every Member of Congress
– Judge Tells Convicted Female Killer, “I hope you die in prison.”


Is there one politician in Washington that does not lie? It is basic logic and reason that you cannot accept the ILLEGALS into this country without screwing the American citizens. They broke the law, they continue to break the law, now Boehner is contriving under the table to make this ILLEGALS U.S. Citizens. It is traitorous.


I don’t know what kind of crap this is, but if the director is the sick puppy this kid says he is, he should be dealt with. If he is not and the kid is lying, he should be dealt with. I have my doubts. Why it would take SO long for this type of cretinism to come to light is a RED FLAG.


Harry Reid is the CRETIN Senator you see in movies on Rome many years ago. You say that no one like that would ever exist or survive, but I will tell you this, Harry Reid exists and he is worse than anything Hollywood could ever invent.


Another in a long line of trials that need to end. He is GUILTY of MURDER and will be convicted and sentenced.


This is the STUPID CROOK article of the day. Naming yourself COCAINE I mean really!


Sad story on more stupidity in the World. The Captain abandoned the people, in fact, he was one of the first people off the ship, and he told the people on the ship to stay. Hundreds stayed and went down with the ship. What a study in Psychology and Human Nature.


Just another in a long list of examples as to why COMPUTER SECURITY is a myth.


Why is this guy not fired! Why is he allowed to continue working and not in jail? Is it because he is an “actor”? What a world of HYPOCRISY Hollywood is! Women’s rights! Women’s equal pay! Women’s safety and security! Hollywood needs to practice what it vomits to the world in everything grossly self-righteous. That’s all I am going to say about that.


Ah, the vagaries of Billionaires! Could it be they are no better than the rest of man. Taking your arguments to Twitter, I would say, is not a wise move for these two, or the stockholders.


This is the Friday Fun article of the day. Differences of opinion make it all fun and an argument for eternity.


Another in the long line of IDIOT HYPOCRITES. Bloomberg spouts about guns ad nauseam while at the same time enjoying the ARMED protection of his Bodyguards. But because he is a self-proclaimed somebody, his life deserves protection by armed men. You know this type, it’s about them and their CRAZY ideas that are supposed to save the rest of us. Dude! Go out into the world and enjoy your money! You earned it! If you don’t want to, then give it to me and I will spend it for you. Part of it spent to fight stupid people like you.



This is an excellent video on AMMUNITION ad how it works in a weapon. The GRAPHICS are great. Let me know what you think.


It still breathes! So sad for America!


These numbers prove that Harvard has a different math system than the rest of the world. A number pulled out of your rear is treated as fact and it increases by a million every week. The person using the number can’t prove it, but has an inherent need, and or interest in making it increase. You couldn’t make this stuff up!


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