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934 Days, 12 Hours, 27 Minutes, 10 Seconds


“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear. But around in awareness.”

— James Thurber


From this equality of ability arises equality of hope in the attaining of our ends. And therefore if any two men desire the same thing, which nevertheless they cannot both enjoy, they become enemies; and in the way to their end (which is principally their own conservation, and sometimes their delectation only) endeavor to destroy or subdue one another. And from hence it comes to pass that where an invader hath no more to fear than another man’s single power, if one plant, sow, build, or possess a convenient seat, others may probably be expected to come prepared with forces united to dispossess and deprive him, not only of the fruit of his labour, but also of his life or liberty. And the invader again is in the like danger of another.

– Thomas Hobbes, Philosopher, Writer, Etc. on Human Equality from the Leviathan

You should read all of Hobbes you can on POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY.  Excellent.


SORRY – remember this word today because it is memorable.  Why do I say this, because people use it SO many times in a day.  I realized this early on in the protection business.  As a Detail Leader you hear it not only from people in the world you must deal with, but by Agents and the throng of others that surround trying to get a lot done, in a little time, with unknown schedules, and impossible wishes and desires.  I am not going to explain all of the above.  Te people who work in this business that understand what I am saying, you should take note of this, The PERPETUAL APOLOGIZERS.  These are people who apologize for everything, at any moment, a lot of time before they even realize there is something wrong.  They are so used to saying I am sorry that it is a reflex statement it means nothing in reality.  Why don’t we work on another method here and fix the problem, a problem, a possible problem BEFORE it occurs or right after it occurs.  This is what we refer to as problem solving and it is INVALUABLE in the workplace and the world in general.  The World does not need more APOLOGIZERS, it needs PROBLEM SOLVERS.  There, I just solved 90 percent of the job market woes in this country.  DON’T APOLOGIZE, FIX THE PROBLEM!


Never underestimate how stupid a human can be, and never underestimate how stupid a human can be who is in authority.  It is one of the greatest challenges a Bodyguard faces in overcoming working with some people who are a risk to themselves or others just by their sheer ignorance.

One of many times I confronted this was a Detail I was on in LA.  The “family” was walking down Wilshire Blvd near Rodeo Drive.  There were a couple of infant children, adult caretakers and one parent.  The caretaker of the four-year old boy was having trouble with the boy.  Now you must understand that in their culture the boy was treated as a Prince and he could not be touched.  Well, almost on cue he shot across the sidewalk and headed out toward traffic, which in that area was fast and unrelenting.  I chased him down and scooped him up right when he hit the edge of the curb.  The first thing he did was turn around and smack me in the head.  The caretaker was screaming something in a foreign language at me and the other caretakers were acting like I had committed a horrendous offense against the child.  I looked at the mother, still holding the child and she apologized and scolded the boy.  She thanked me and said something in their language to the caretakers who never again questioned my actions with the anything relating to the “family”.

The point is that there is right and there is wrong when protecting others.  Sometimes you must act to cover an injustice or protect and it is not always going to be black and white to the outside world, but there is right.  In that instance overcoming their cultural mores in order to keep a child from becoming bug mustard on a speeding vehicle was more important than the boy getting his feelings hurt and some helpers just standing there looking foolish and impudent. Also, using this example, if I had not grabbed the boy and he was hit do you think everyone would not have thrown me, and the other Agents working right then, under bus and stated, “they were Security, they should have done something.”  Final point, this occupation is not for everyone, and it is not a guaranteed lifelong occupation.  At any moment, due to its inherent risks, you may be relieved of your duty because of any number of things of which you have little or no control.  Understand this, accept this, but also understand that you have to do the best you can with the training and experience you possess in those moments.  If something goes bad, well, you will be the one looking in the mirror before you go to bed at night, and convince yourself you did everything that was possible at the time.  If you did you will sleep like a baby, if you didn’t, well…

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