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930 Days, 16 Hours, 55 Minutes, 37 Seconds


“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

— Sun Tzu, from the Art of War


Today’s thought is in regard’s to knowing what YOU want, what YOU need, knowing what tools YOU will have to have for success. ” The fourth pillar of Greek wisdom is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is needed in order to choose wisely between the pursuit of excellence and the practice of moderation. Only through an assessment of our personal strengths and weaknesses can we know when it is time to press boldly ahead or pull back. It is for this reason that this principle was the second to be carved over the entranceway to Apollo’s temple at Delphi. There for all to read were the words “Know Thyself.” The search for self-knowledge requires that we identify our personal strengths and weaknesses. Only by so doing can we truly take measure of who we are, and who we can become. From an acknowledgement of our strengths can come the resolve to excel; from a recognition of our weaknesses can come the good sense to avoid extremes.”


SCOPE LOCK – Scope Lock is a civilian as well as paramilitary, and military catch phrase.  To become Scope Locked in anything is to become obsessed in one direction or one small field or frame forgetting everything else around that frame.  From its origins, to become Scope Locked on a target is to only focus on what is seen through the scope and not take in everything that is occurring around it.  The phrase is not a positive.  To become Scope-locked is to be narrow-minded, and to not pay attention to everything going on.


Today’s Rule of the Day concerns negotiating the money on your contract.  The time to negotiate your pay as an Independent Contractor is in the very beginning.  Once the Daily Rate, Expenses and Other are decided and agreed upon a Contract must be drawn up defining all that was agreed upon.  Until this is done, IT IS NOT DONE.  The General Contractor normally writes up the Contract and proffers it for signature, but I have seen where the Sub Contractor will proffer their Contract.  This can get tedious and tenuous with the General Contractor finally pulling rank.  The Sub Contractor needs to READ and UNDERSTAND the Contract they are signing fully.  Once you have read a few, the Phrases and Terms become familiar.  As a Sub Contractor, the General Contractor is not your daddy, or momma.  The point being YOU are responsible.  It doesn’t matter how long you have known the General Contractor and how many Details you have been on before, every NEW DETAIL is new and requires a NEW CONTRACT.  Again, read the new contract, sign it and carry on.  Finally, once the Contract is signed that part of the Detail is over.  If you did not understand something and feel like you got screwed, that is YOUR problem.  DO not bitch, do not complain this will only get you UNINVITED to future gigs.  Be happy that most Details are short in nature and you will not have to hold your tongue long.  Make it up on the next Detail with a new Contract.  Thus endeth the lesson.


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