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929 Days, 16 Hours, 55 Minutes, 37 Seconds


When we uphold the rule of law, our counterterrorism tools are more likely to withstand the scrutiny of our courts, our allies, and the American people.

— John O. Brennan, Head of CIA

Johnny should talk with JEH JOHNSON below about upholding the laws of this country.  There is an obvious DISCONNECT in that regard.  Somewhere in law schools the idea that you don’t get to pick and choose what laws you want to uphold should be clarified.  Just a thought.


“I write to formally advise you of your material breach and violation of your agreements, and to inform you that the department is considering pursuing against you, and all those acting in concert with you, all remedies legally available to us in light of this situation.”

— Jeh Johnson, New Head of Homeland Insecurity, speaking on prosecution of any Whistleblowers

With statements like this, the Obama administration is THREATENING any Whistleblowers from coming forward and speaking out against the government’s illegal operations or practices.  THEY wonder why people go around the system.  With guys like this in MANAGEMENT positions in our government, I feel all the more safer.  NOT!


BULL RUSH – To Bull Rush someone or something is to physically throw yourself at them or it with everything you have.  There is no regard for safety of self.  Where SHOOTING INSTRUCTORS talk of “lead on target” you are putting “body on target.”  Bull Rushing an assailant is statistically the most efficient, proficient way to stop the attack and cover it.  There is no pretty way to Bull Rush someone.  It is not a Martial Art, it is one of the most basic, animalistic uses of the human body to protect someone or something from an attack.


I know a lot of time, effort and money is placed in Security Agents buying handguns, training, supporting, so forth and so on, but I am going to let you in on a little secret.  They are STATISTICALLY useless for the purposes that you professionally carry them.  Over recorded history, the best defense for an attacker going after a PROTECTEE has been throwing one’s body in front of the attack, or BULL RUSHING the attacker.  In close protection the facts state that a PROTECTOR does not have the time, nor the inclination (Meaning pulling a weapon, aiming it, and firing it into a crowd of people possibly hitting innocent victims).

If you study video of assassinations, attacks, attempts so forth and so on, you will see that Security Agents had time only to GRAB the assailant, or step in front of the attack most of the time after it had happened.  They take the assailant to the ground and hold them there.  I know this deflates many people’s views of pulling a weapon and firing the one head shot that saves the day, but if you still believe this you are smoking crack.  All of the fancy weapons, automatic and otherwise serve no purpose in reality and, if anything, stunt the Agents actions as to create hesitation instead of just physically going after the assailant.  There is no SANE Security Agent that is going to fire an automatic weapon into a crowd of people, and if you think you will have time to wait for the crowd to disperse, aim, and then fire on a bad guy or guys before they do what they have PLANNED to do you are again on CRACK.  These are the facts, if you decide to continue spending the majority of your training time going to a range and firing endless rounds into a PAPER target, CARRY ON, or if you really want to train for problems work on AGGRESSIVE ACTION in GRABBING, RUSHING, BLOCKING with your body an attack.  So ends the lesson.


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