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927 Days, 12 Hours, 35 Minutes, 51 Seconds


“Take a look at the men today. It seems that most of them have a woman’s heart. There are very few true men anymore. It is easy for a strong warrior to gain the advantage these days because so few have any courage at all. This loss of the warrior spirit is easily shown by the fact that men today cannot even behead a convicted criminal with his hands tied behind his back.”

— Yamamoto Tsunetomo’s Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai is a classic 300 year old book about bushido, which is the Samurai’s “way of the warrior.” There’s a lot of wisdom in the book, although all of it is not applicable to modern life.


I got into the Protection business because I thought my personality, my education, my experiences fit perfectly into it.  I did not suffer fools lightly.  I tried to do right by the people I dealt with professionally and personally.  I would tell people, “tell me the truth, don’t lie, you are just making yourself look foolish by doing it and I am not your momma or your daddy, your priest or your God, I am here to do a job, not judge you.  If I do something wrong say so, you will not hurt my feelings.”  I thought the industry was packed with people who thought the same way and operated by a code of conduct that was of “Caesar’s Wife”, above suspicion.  I learned, of course that there are just as many “pink-pantied” people in the Security Business as in other professions.  I thought my feelings of disgust, mistrust, and disappointment with these types of people would lesson over the many years I have been doing this, they did not/have not.  I have just learned “coping mechanisms” for dealing with some people/Agents who I personally believe should have never been allowed in the business, and I am astounded by their longevity in it.


PARANOIA –  There are always words that mean something good in one regard and something negative in another.  I always looked at paranoia I suffered from as a positive. It made me and it continues to make me very good at my job.  Add in a little OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and you have the psychological makings of a true Protective Agent. 


Learn to COMMUNICATE to DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED people and Agents.  When I went through COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE training spotting possible “eyes” tracking the “rabbits” would have been impossible without these simple rules and systems.  For example, a driver would be told direction for movement of the vehicle as White, Black, Red, Green.  If the spotter wanted the driver to turn Right, it was Green.  If the spotter wanted a left hand turn it was Red.  If forward White, if it was backwards, Black.  The DIRECTIONAL CLOCK was a little more complicated.  The spotter always gave directions based on a twelve hour clock worn horizontally on the head of the person he was speaking too (invisible of course).  12 o’clock would be straight forward to the person spoken too.  It sounds hard, but it is not, UNSUB at 3:00 o’clock would be 3:00 of the person spoken to.  Easy right!  Much easier with a little practice.  Now add 3:00 HIGH, or LOW to the statement.  Much easier.


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