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928 Days, 16 Hours, 55 Minutes, 37 Seconds


“There are no bad soldiers, only bad leaders.”

— Gaius Julius Caesar 


Work hard,

Work smart,

From the middle,

No, the start

Trust in man,

A little bit,

Trust in self,

Most of it.

When in doubt,

Make the cut,

Trust no heart

Trust the gut.

If it fails,

Mental Health,

Blame not the world

Blame yourself.

It’s all I got,

Simple tools,

To protect one’s self,

Fisher’s Rules.

— Emiel Fisher


COMMUNICATION – This word is ALL things Protection, this word is ALL things Investigation.  Without COMMUNICATION there is nothing gained.  You, as a Business Owner, A Security Agent, An Intelligence Gatherer, must be able to communicate not only with yourself, and be true to yourself, you must be able to communicate with clients, other Agents, and all people supporting anything you may be doing.  All of these people can change and do change with each individual contract.  You MUST be able to form a communication plan that is operable, efficient/proficient, and works in “real time”.  It may sound simple, but the majority of FAILED businesses, failed marriages, people dying, failed everything comes from piss poor or NO communication.  There is a quote I used above which settles most of this discussion, and that is “There are no bad soldiers, there are only bad leaders.”  If people are not getting what you are putting down, if they are not calling you back, texting you back, emailing you back, it IS because YOU have poor communication abilities.  As a LEADER it is one of the toughest challenges in a world where you have to operate, live, work with OTHER PEOPLE.  One example, if you call someone and they do not answer, LEAVE A MESSAGE, and I don’t mean “Hey, its me, call me back.”  I mean, “This is Emiel Fisher I will NOT make the breakfast meeting at 08:00, I will be in the office at 14:00 to 17:00 if you want to talk.”  This is just one example of dozens of communication “glitches” people do to me every day.  Thousands of very smart people have given us: smart phones, iPads, laptops, desktops, etc. to improve efficiency, and most of all accuracy.  START USING THEM.


Remember that your business, is YOUR business.  People are not going to take care of your business like you do.  It does not matter how beholden they are to that business: their livelihood depends on it, their reputation is on the line, you have known the person for years, etc., etc., they will let things go that need to be taken care of.  When this happens and there ARE going to be costs involved, like penalty fees, emotional drama/trauma, disappointment, the list goes on and on.  Be ready for it because if you ARE in business long enough these things will things will happen.  Have a plan B, C, D and so on and carry them out.  Don’t get angry, get the job done.  This is what separates you from the feeder fish anyway,  GETTING THE JOB DONE.  You have been advised now, so there will be no surprise.  Now, I am off to fix a couple of said situations.


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