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921 Days, 16 Hours, 55 Minutes, 37 Seconds


“Courage, above all things, is first quality of a warrior.”

— Carl von Clausewitz 


I was moving yesterday and as you all know it fricking rained the entire day up until the movers finished and, just like that, IT STOPPED.  I am not talking sprinkling rain, I am talking like a MONSOON.  The point is to MAKE A PLAN, INTEGRATE THE PLAN, STICK TO THE PLAN!  But also be open to tiny problems arising that can tear the plan apart.  Never say, “It cannot get worse.”  I am living proof that it CAN!


FATE – Or otherwise known as THE FATES.  If you don’t know Mythology then you should look this up.  The main point here is to never get too big for your britches.  The Fates are always watching and because they control the BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END of your life they can throw a wrench in the middle of anything, at any time, for any reason whether it is logical or not.  For example, the Fates will give you a heads-up before anything.  It might be very very small, but there will be a clue given.  What you do with that tiny bit of information may control your destiny.  For a specific example, I can set up a Detail going to a fancy restaurant.  I can call them a dozen times to make sure that everything is good to go, but if I am walking to the vehicle and remember that there was something going on in that area at the same time there will be two different outcomes.  If I don’t call and ask more specific questions of the Maitre de, then I will not be told that yes, the street in from of the restaurant will be closed and access to the restaurant will be restricted, A BIG PROBLEM, but if I call when I get the feeling, I will ask about ANYTHING going on and they will tell me it is all OK.  IT will make sense once you practice VERIFICATION and don’t depend on what SHOULD be over what YOU have verified.  Remember, YOU will be held accountable in REAL TIME.


Everyone, by now has heard about the MALAYSIAN airliner that disappeared into thin air.  The problem is it did not just disappear into thin air.  There is/was so much negligence involved with this case it boggles the reasonable logical mind.  I am not going to kick a dead horse here, but in all things catastrophic there is some good only if there are lessons learned.  The main lesson here is that people knew the plane was not going where it should, but no one became hands-on with fixing the problem.  They, metaphorically, kicked the can down the road for someone else to deal with.  They kicked it so far down the road, it ran out of road and fell off of the planet.  Learn from this.  Take care of situations as they arise do not depend on others to do your duty.


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