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920 Days, 16 Hours, 55 Minutes, 37 Seconds


“We don’t take the DCJS ID cards as a form of identification”

— Chesterfield County employee on getting ID for sending in Fingerprint Cards for DCJS licensing.  I gave her my DCJS ID Card, which has a picture ID on it, and I had to run fingerprints to get before.  The classic, “who is on first?”  DCJS has NO respect from any Agency, not even from itself.  So sad.


I had to do some Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) stuff the other day and was surprised how nice and proficient the ladies were that helped me.  I had worked myself into a problem, but with a little sweat, time and pecuniary compensation, worked my way out of it (this was the good part).  What floored me once again was the fact that DCJS, the County of Chesterfield and I believe no county in Virginia accepts as a valid form of ID is my DCJS ID card.  It is strange that DCJS will not accept their own card they issue.  Now mind you, to get this card you have to go through more than any other form of ID that they do take: Passport, driver’s license, voter registration card, whatever, whatever.  I dealt with this years ago and it is still on the books.  The IRONY is palpable.  If there is one thing DCJS could work on this year to make an impact, this would be it.  And ladies, thank you for your help the other day, you know who you are.


IDENTIFICATION – Identification and trust and credibility go hand-in-hand.  I have plenty of forms of identification, but usually don’t need them because people trust me when I say I am Emiel Fisher, have always been Emiel Fisher, and will continue to be Emiel Fisher.  I mean really, who would have that name that wasn’t trustworthy.  They trust me also because I don’t lie to them in other ways and as such, ergo, why would I lie now about who I am, this is CREDIBILITY.  People say I have a trusting face, or is it a trusting smile, or is it because I slip them a twenty when I am speaking to them (I am joking).  I am NO preacher, that is for sure and would not want to be.  The point is, I don’t lie to begin with, I don’t tell people to TRUST me that I just met.  I let my NAME be the thing that inspires in them CONFIDENCE, and TRUST and all of those other catch phrases people admire in the world.  These tags are built over time, experience and history.  It is not easy to keep them safe, but IS easy to destroy them at a moment’s weakness.  I, personally, have never been able to come up with a number, monetarily, to give up any of the above.  There are people out there, POLITICIANS, who give it up every day because they feel they are doing something that involves the GREATER GOOD (This is justification, a scary thing when in the hands of an idiot).  This means they are sacrificing THEMSELVES in this way for us.  I believe you can see the lie on the lie with this.  This is also an example of two lies don’t make a truth, or three lies, or four.  The point is, and back to the beginning, I am who I say I am because I have never given you doubt in any other situation.  People tell you he does what he says he is going to do.  And he has never stiffed me on my money.  Even having this conversation makes me feel uncomfortable because it is something that has never been a problem and still is not, and will never be.  There is an old saying, “The more he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted the silverware.”  I read this quote when I was eight years old.  I didn’t know what it meant then, but my grandfather explained it to me.  I guess that’s why I remembered it and its importance. And if you wanted to know, there is only one Emiel Fisher in the United States.  That doesn’t give me a lot to hide behind if I ever wanted or needed too.


“When the Bullet comes, at least know where it came from.” A quote I have thought of many times in this business and in business in general.  There are people out there that cannot be trusted, people who have no moral or ethical compass, people who either by design, or their own stupidity will “paint” you into a bad situation.  As the Detail Leader it is one of your jobs to understand people and their strengths and limitations, in real time.  Do not expect any more or less of a person than what is standing in front of you at that specific instant.  You are not paid to HOPE for people and their dreams and wishes of becoming better people, better Agents, better leaders.  You look, analyze, and mark what the asset in front of you is, no more, no less, remember IT and carry on.  If your judgement skills are skewed then the Agent will exceed the boundaries that you set whether good or bad and you will be surprised either way, good or bad.  If this happens then you have failed in your judgement because you have now BEEN surprised, and you should never be that.  Everyone should fit into the “pie slice” you doled out to them in their abilities, experience, education, training, etc.  Or do it the modern way and TRUST people to be everything they THINK they can be in the future, but not right then even though you are contracting them right now.  I will write my answer to this on a piece of paper and hold it for awhile to see how it turns out.  Remember the world is 360 degrees around, NOT just 300.


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