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917 Days, 10 Hours, 51 Minutes, 15 Seconds


“Raising the debt ceiling is NOT additional spending.  It is simply saying, you, the United States of America, can continue to borrow the money you need to pay the bills you have already rung up.”

— Jay Carney, POTUS’ mouthpiece at the White House.

This guy has not told the truth in so long, he doesn’t know what it is any longer.  The stuff he says would not make sense to a three-year old, but he continues to verbally vomit this stuff to the American public.  It is not that he says this stuff, any clown can be a voice puppet, it is the fact that he actually believes any of it, or expects the public to.


Marijuana, people is ILLEGAL.  There is no right of a State to make something legal that is illegal Federally.  Picture yourself as a teenager defying your father and using the excuse that a friend said it was OK, not going to work I can tell you.  There is a right for the Feds and States to catch DRUG PUSHERS and SELLERS and put their rears in jail.  Because some people in certain states pass laws that mean NOTHING in a legal sense does not make it legal.  It is abhorrent that our Federal Government allows certain States to break the law and then profit from Illegal proceeds.  This is a DIRECT RICO violation and puts every company, person, and or entity that has anything to do with the illegal drug pushing at risk.  Banks that allow for this illegal behavior or allow it to go through their banks risk themselves, their stockholders and the law-abiding citizens who bank with them.  All of this for Federal Government Gutlessness.  These crimes are growing and spreading. ERIC HOLDER is guilty of GROSS NEGLIGENCE and CRIMINALITY as he allows it to continue without suing certain States to stop it.  Basically, Holder and POTUS are saying it is OK to break the law as long as it demeans the criminal justice system, enslaves younger people and adults to addiction, and makes a couple of dollars.  It is sad that Holder, as the head law enforcement officer in this country, would have the CAJONES to have people arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for doing what they are doing in Colorado, and other states openly, and against Federal law.  There is a word HYPOCRISY that POTUS and his followers should learn and memorize.


INEVITABILITY – Remember this word as in all things ying and yang, all things ebb and flow, there is INEVITABILITY.  This means that inevitably there will be good and inevitably there will be bad.  It is your job to tactically, logistically, metaphysically to figure out all of the ends, outs, and in-betweens and make it work.  The main point here is that for every move on the board, there has to be a counter-move until someone ends the game altogether, and we know what that means.  Once again…it’s inevitable. 


HUMAN RESOURCES – As an Agent working WORKPLACE VIOLENCE cases, remember Human Resources, because they are the bane (a cause of great distress or annoyance) of Security. Most of the time, statistically, Human Resources was the cause of the problem continuing to the point of possible violence to begin with.  I don’t know what people learn going through College in Human Resources, but it is not real-world training in dealing with people bent on killing or maiming.  It is the putting off, delaying, worrying about not hurting someone’s feelings, kicking the can down the road mentality that contributes to a MAGGOT (that is the problem person) believing that they can do whatever they want, at any time and will not be held accountable.  So, they threaten people, they insinuate how tough they are, they cut the heads off of chickens, cats, dogs, squish bugs, and basically make themselves a pain in the tale to anyone associated with them at work.  What does Human Resources do? They fill out paperwork and talk about the maggots getting help, going through treatment, being “understood” cause daddy or mommy didn’t hug them enough, or they were mistreated and picked on in school, or whatever.  The point is the maggot’s bad behavior, threatening behavior is justified and covered by Human Resources.  Once the problem reaches CRITICAL MASS, Human Resources then wants someone like me to come in and fix a problem they have planted, watered, taken care of for months or years… in one day.  They also want me to do it without being threatening to anyone.  This is why YOU as the Agent needs to make sure that the CHAIN OF COMMAND is you to the CEO or President and not Human Resources.  They may be in the loop, but understand, they should not have override ability on what is done to put the problem into a BOX.  I mean this figuratively, of course, but depending on how bad the problem has been allowed to rot and fester, it might end up with the bad guy suffering greatly and permanently.  My job is to protect the innocent, the workers, the management; it is not to worry about the feelings, the raising of, the day-to-day life of a maggot, bully, pusher.  This I do take seriously, as you should also and always.


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