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Traffic in Northern Virginia and Washington is as bad as they say, and worse.  The minimum time that you should start out to make a meeting more than five miles away is an hour and a half.  If you don’t do this you will find that you are perpetually late to meetings and you will continually be apologizing.  The problem arises in that people don’t want you to apologize, they want you on time, they had to leave early, they did get to the meeting on time and apologizing for traffic when you know the traffic sucks just infuriates people more.  Plan for it, leave early, and suck it up.  Also, if you are going to be late, call before the time expires. It is just rude to call afterwards and say you are going to be late.  WE KNOW THAT! 


910 Days, 13 Hours, 41 Minutes, 36 Seconds


“Because I do it with one small ship, I am called a terrorist.  You do it with a whole fleet and are called an emperor.”

— A pirate, from St. Augustine’s City of God


I am a fanatic about “everything has a place, and a place for everything.”  It bit me on the rear yesterday when I could not find something I needed.  It was a holster that I wanted to use at the range.  One thing lead to another and I spent more than three hours looking for it, throwing off the rest of my day and I still didn’t find the thing.  Plan B was good, but I was obsessed with finding the holster.  After dinner I continued searching and didn’t Invoice a client I needed to bill.  The point is set a time period for everything and anything and stick to it.  In today’s world becoming scope locked on one thing when there are many things to be done is just ridiculous.  Be advised.


As you get older, the joints ache, spare time is much less, responsibilities change, but the time you spend working out and taking care of the “machine” should not change.  I don’t mean going to the gym for two hours a day, but finding a way to cover the bases in keeping yourself fit.  I have progressed from working out at the gym five times a week, to working out at the house and doing exercises that are a lot easier on the joints.  I find that ISOMETRIC exercises are excellent for this.  Also, I run/walk  a mile and a half in the morning and follow it up in the evening.  It makes it much more tolerable walking with someone, or taking the dog with me.  I would say that I listen to stuff on my iPhone with headphones, but in any neighborhood walking and crossing streets this could be risky.  People in NOVA don’t always follows the laws regarding pedestrians.  Come up with a workout plan that is good for your lifestyle and work ethic and follow through with it.  The main point is to do something, anything.


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