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This sicko kid kills all of these people.  He, again, like the many others, gave out plenty of clues that he was a sick puppy and needed to be put down, incarcerated, or placed in an institution.  Now there many suffering because people around him would not accept the fact that he was TAINTED and SICK.  It is disgusting, it is sad, it is disgraceful.  My heart goes out to the people this SICKO murdered in cold blood that had nothing to do with his poor, pathetic self.  May he rot in Hell.


More information on the maggot, RODGER’S, it is amazing how slow the Santa Barbara Police were on responding to all of the scenes where this maggot was shooting people.  The ANGRY father blaming the politicians and the NRA, but did not say a word about the maggot who shot his son.  This is how confused people are about what the actual problems are when dealing with crazy people being allowed to walk among supposed sane people.  All the California RETREATS, DRUG RESORTS, etc. are not going to do anything with a CRAZY, MURDEROUS MAGGOT like this man RODGERS.  We will read in the coming weeks, how this guy was a sick puppy and his parents let it go, his friends didn’t report him, his psychologists, psychiatrists let him slip through.  Watching his VIDEO makes me sick at my stomach.  Anyone around him who didn’t see this garbage for what he was, is more sad.  The World is a better place with this waste of carbon off of the planet.


The FACE and VOICE of a true pathetic maggot.  Watch and be pissed off at the face of a SICKO!  It would be FUNNY, but for how sad it is.





Another SAD story.  Another country where only the bad guys carry guns and you have to put in a thirty minute call to get a response from someone with a gun.  Whether they can shoot it or not is the BIG question.  But, the weakness is here in the U.S. Also.  Look, at the SHOOTINGS in Santa Barbara, the cops took forever to get their mess together, the whole time they were trying to figure out what to do the piece of crap was shooting and killing people.  It is RIDICULOUS for police, with all of the supposed training they are getting to be SO SLOW responding and dealing with shooters killing in REAL TIME.  This is the PERFECT example of why the populace should be armed, ready, willing, and capable of taking out a MAGGOT.


This story speaks for itself, CRAZY!  It is nice that it is a short story.


You picked the WRONG place to steal MY MAN!  The U.S. would have been much better.  First, you don’t get the death penalty.  Second, it could be years before your case even comes to trial.  Third, did you really need to take over two billion dollars?  I am sure in Iran two billion dollars is nothing, right?  I think one hundred million and a ticket out of Dodge would have been much better, but Hell, you are the smart one.


If the cops feel they need this STINGRAY tool, and they get the proper paperwork done before they use it, then I am all for it.  Comparing what these police agencies are doing to what the CIA and NSA are doing are not even comparable.  The police agencies, if they screw up WILL be held accountable, the CIA and NSA hide behind National Security and any number of other complete illegal justifications.


There is NO reason that our Intelligence Agencies cannot find these guys and kill them.  It is their job and, up to now, we (American Citizens) have not been getting our money’s worth.  Just FIND them, and KILL them.  I will accept all of the guilt, remorse, whatever!  Just do it.


Such a waste.  Not that I was a big Tupac fan, but he was talented and there was something about him likable.  Now, as for the guy he was riding with, and his music company owner, that guy was/is a crook and a maggot.  He always has been.  Tupac would have been much better off staying away from him.


The little boy got his hands smacked so now he wants to take his toys and go away.  It’s SO sad.  Adults acting like children.  Children having to act like adults to cover for the “supposed” adults.  I say to Putin, get over it.  You want to play “big boy” then you better get ready for “big boy” rules.


The PROBLEM with all of this data collection and supposed like, kind and quality standards is that there are NONE.  As money runs out, people do other things, interest wanes, the information is left out there in limbo, and it is just a matter of time before it is corrupted, stolen, or used for purposes it was never meant for.  Most likely it will be stolen.  Where the government has the information just to sit around in perpetuity, the BAD GUYS know what they need, where they are going to get it, and what they plan to do with it once it is theirs.  All of this will be accomplished in a small amount of time.  The Government will find out about it through some other means (usually they trip over it) but the “horses will have been out of the barn” for months or years by then.  The Security and Safety of mankind should not be left in the hands of Computers, or computer geeks.  To do so is RISKING way too much for way too little.  Collecting information on kids for NO specific reason is this risk. 


It still breathes, as such, it is a danger to American society.


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