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897 Days, 16 Hours, 15 Minutes, 45 Seconds


Today will be pretty much dedicated to the MAGGOT Rodger’s and his sick self.  If you haven’t heard, this psycho shot and killed (6) innocent people in Santa Barbara, California on Friday night.  He wounded more.  It is another PRIME example of BAD PARENTS, BAD PSYCHOLOGISTS/PSYCHIATRISTS, POOR TREATMENT FROM THE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, etc., etc., etc.  This kid was bad/crazy/demented to the bone and everyone around him knew it and did the cursory crap, like send him to “treatment” whatever that means in California.  Nothing, I would say.  It relieves the weak and pathetic of their responsibilities as they can now give the infamous, cliché statement of “we did everything we could!”  I will throw the BS FLAG on this and say NO YOU DIDN’T!  I watched and listened to a parent of one of the victim’s cry and accuse the NRA, and Politicians for this attack, this is horse manure (Not withstanding I feel for his loss).  Rodger’s committed the murders, he and he alone.  If someone needs to be blamed it is Rodger’s, his pathetic parents, his mental health babysitters, local law enforcement and so on.  Didn’t we just go through this with the other cretin a little while ago when the guy shot people at LAX.  Come on!  Wake up People!  It’s the MAGGOT, not the gun!  It’s the system, not the gun. It’s the parents, not the gun.  It’s the mental health providers, not the gun.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  This kid was a POS from the start and he died a POS.  His parents should deal with that.  His Mental health providers should deal with that, and the local police should work on getting ahead of the ball, and not hiding behind it.  There is SO much wrong here with this, it’s hard to start, and or end.  Mostly, it’s just a sad reflection on how California is dealing with VIOLENT OFFENDERS and crazy wan-to-be’s that include this guy, and many more out there just like him.  Keep blaming it on an inanimate object that’s gonna get you far.


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