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Today is the day that we take a SNAP SHOT of what is going on around us as to the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and what we can do about it.  Forget about the TALKING HEADS and the like, we are interested only in the SUBJECT MATTER topics and how they will affect/effect you today, tomorrow and in the coming days, weeks, months and years.



It was a crap hole the day we invaded it, and as the last few days have shown, it will remain a crap hole.  Thousands of American lives have been lost, trillions spent, tens of thousands of Americans maimed by a war that was doomed before it started.  Remember that book some people who actually know about War have read, it’s called THE ART OF WAR, and in it one of its main premises is that WARS are won before they start.  The problem with Georgie and POTUS at present is they have/had NO plan.  There is NO end because they have not factored that in.  The OBJECTIVES, whatever they were in the beginning, were unrealistic for a country that is still eating off of the ground, and lets religion rule the day.  A complete failure.  A complete waste of American resources and American lives.  Now the pain starts, everything up to now has been vacation.


Sorry to say that we have spent a trillion dollars here, and lost hundreds of American lives not to count the thousands that were maimed and will suffer for the rest of their lives, and there is nothing factually to show that we accomplished anything and that the second we are out of this crap hole it will not go back to the way it was five minutes before we got there.  In fact, I will say right now that it will go back to the way it was as it has through recorded history.  POTUS and his kind should pick up a history book every now and then and learn something about people, places, things and time,…and OCCUPATIONS.


They will thrive because the President of Pakistan gave POTUS the finger and uninvited him to the party.  They will continue to play the sides of multiple fences and sacrifice whoever they have to stay in the game without war, civil or otherwise.


We should have continued doing things like we always did in the MIDDLE EAST which was to let ISRAEL take all of the heat and take care of the tawdry problems that arose there.  That’s what we armed them for, that’s what we paid them for.  Georgie was never good with simple problems much less complicated problems.  Sure he had Rumsfeld and Cheney screaming in his ear, but Georgie always wanted to play at the BIG BOY’S table.  His daddy got him there, but Georgie did what most want-to-bes do, he started making decisions way above his intelligence/understanding level, and as history has shown, it didn’t cost him, no, it cost millions of other people. It is true that Barack took over a shit storm, but he knew no more than Georgie about people, War, and consequence.  Three years into his administration and Barack was still stumping like he was still running for office.  He has neither taken charge of the war, nor lessened its effect on America.  To this day, Barack has NO idea what the Hell is going on in the Middle East.  He gets it honestly.  Hillary, was a lost cause from the get go and no one in the Middle East had ANY respect for her to start with.  They all wanted to get together and meet Billie.  Johnny (Kerry) could not negotiate his way out of a standup bath tub (you know the ones they sell on TV for OLE PEOPLE!) Anyway, people read history a little.  Stop, pack up, save your toys, save the friends you have and come back another day in another way.  You know the saying about what makes an idiot an idiot, and that is trying to get something done the right way by doing it the wrong way over again and again the same way, and expecting a different outcome.  Or, keep doing what you are doing, IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING FABULOUSLY!


I don’t know what happened when Hillary fell and hit her head, but something got rattled for sure.  Her interviews pushing her book, and not selling/but selling her run for the White House in 2016 is being destroyed by her TALKING.  She is her own worst enemy at this time.  If I was her lawyer, I would tell her to shut up!  If I was her publicist, I would tell her to shut up!  If I was her “campaign” manager, I would tell her to shut up!  If I was “Billie Boy”, I would tell her, “You are not me baby, people don’t love you, or even like you like they do me.”  It is kinda sad really, Hillary is trying SO hard, but doing all of the wrong things the wrong way.  Maybe, just maybe, she should accept the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be.  Enjoy her tens of millions of dollars and forget about the POWER, but that would be asking a 20 year crack addict to walk away from FREE dope!


The KEYMASTER, Lois Lerner, floated off into the sunset.  She is crooked and everyone knows it.  She was running interference for the illegal acts of going after CONSERVATIVE NON-PROFITS that were against her true boss, POTUS.  Once again, Eric Holder, put the investigation into a dark closet.  The only place this was going was into the nearest BURN BAG!  This stink went straight to the little white house on Pennsylvania Ave.  There was NO way Holder was going to let this one get out of the bag.  There is ABUSE OF POWER and then there is this.  I thought POTUS could not concoct a stink worse than this, but I was monolithically naive.


Shinsecki is gone. His second IS in charge, good luck with that.  I could make a comparison for failure, but I would be underestimating just how FUBAR’ed this whole system is.  No fix in sight.  A lot of meetings where people come out holding their breath for the stink, and shaking their heads.  Computers and programming have not shown to be the answer.  Picture 4,000 chefs fixing 17,000 plates for 600,000 people sitting at tables and 5 servers.  Oh, and everything has to be done in 30 minutes.  Do the math!  It’s HIDEOUS!


This one is still STEWING.  Hold your breath for the dousing!


“The TRILLION dollar with no limit to the stupidity in sight” Program.  No one in America will benefit.  Everyone in America will pay.  The Government paying $30,000.00 for something that was $2,500.00 last year. PERFECT!


ERIC HOLDER’S personal baby of lying, deceit, murder, conspiracy and cover up.  How perfect can it be that Holder is tasked with investigating his own screw up.  What a world, Baby?  Let me say this, the investigation never got off of the ground,…big surprise!  Thousands of guns are taken across the Mexican/American Border illegally by Federal Agents and given and sold to known MAGGOTS.  No one thought that the maggots would not want to be tracked.  Oh, and there is the other thing, and that is we have NO jurisdiction in Mexico.  This FUBAR operation should have never been even considered much less implemented.  Holder then covered up the mess in DISASSOCIATION and OBFUSCATION.


The Border with Mexico right now is CHAOS.  POTUS is accomplishing through CHILD ABUSE what he could not accomplish legally through Congress.  Picture nothing getting done to his liking, so he gets HOLDER and JOHNSON to call off the dogs, place ads in CENTRAL AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS that the American Border is open and everything is free, just get there.  In doing so, even though completely illegal, POTUS knows that public sentiment will take over and Americans will feel sorry for the ILLEGALS and OK their admittance into this country.  Also, he will push COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION LAW changes.  This is truly dangerous because anything POTUS has touched as in COMPREHENSIVE in America has been a complete and utter failure.  Once again, there will be an EMERGENCY situation that can only be fixed RIGHT NOW and will be pushed through without any SENATORS or CONGRESSMAN reading it.  The American public will be screwed again.


This administrate has taken lying to heights even RICHARD NIXON would blush at.  The EXTORTION methods of getting bills passed, and the total lack of knowledge as to the negative RIPPLE EFFECT of POTUS’ actions is mind numbing.  Getting caught over and over lying, cheating, deceiving the American public and then doing NOTHING about it is remarkable.  ERIC HOLDER the chief law enforcement officer in the country protects the king no matter what, and breaks the law regularly to cover the king’s tracks.  Hopefully, one day the half of America that believes they will be able to skate through life without working, and riding the government gravy train will wake up and realize POTUS’ promises were all thin smoke that vanishes on the breeze.  I believe that by the time this happens the ship will be beyond the RUBICON and its fate will have been decided long before.  There is NO free ride in anything.  There are people who work, pay their bills, take care of their kids, live good honest lives and then there are the people who justify anything they can or feel they have to when it comes to bad behavior and freeloading.  Which one are YOU!


It still breathes, as such, it is a danger to the American way of life.


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