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I am going to make the news easy today:

– ISIS maggots taking over more land in and near Ramadi. It is a good thing that Obama classified ISIS as “JV” or they would have taken over the world by now. I feel safer that he is the Commander-in-Chief absolutely (NOT!). ISIS is calling the game here. If they were not as incompetent as they are, they could have taken over the Middle East. It comes down to the same thing over and over, Middle Eastern men are not soldiers. They are momma’s boys who play by rules that America could crush in a week, but we are being lead by a collection of idiots at present. ISIS has a ton of money, they have the best in weaponry, which we gave them through the gutless Iraqi army, they have a “few good men” running the show right now, but all of that could change if OUR leadership was DEDICATED TO CAUSE. They are not and as such, this disgrace continues.

– Erin Hernandez was convicted of first degree murder plus other lessor offices in Boston of killing his buddy. He will spend the rest of his life in a 9 by 7 thinking about how stupid he was/is. It’s sad because he had the world by the tail.

– Hillary Clinton is being, well, Hillary Clinton. I hope the democrats have another person in the wings because Hillary is FADING fast. She is asocial, dishonest, plastic, phony, and these are the good things. I could go on, but no one cares, that is the point. No one cares about Hillary.

– The Federal Government is taking in more money than it ever has, it is also spending more money than it ever has. Liberal spending is proving that ailments of the United States cannot be fixed purely by money because we still have the problems, ONLY WORSE!

– A federal judge in Sacramento will not take marijuana off of the most dangerous drug list. Judge Mueller is a hero, and made a lot of people happy with her decision.

– DHS purchased 62 million rounds of AR-15 Ammo. Why they need this much ammo is a complete and utter mystery other than they just need to burn through their budget money anyway they can. Just a complete waste.

– 65 year old woman’s IVF pregnancy branded irresponsible and inadvisable. You think? Crazy, just crazy. This is the perfect example of, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you do it!”

– Harry Reid does look like someone kicked the crap out of him. That treadmill he fell off of must have had two hands and two feet cause it kicked his ass.

– I love this story on finding treasure. I am not going to try and explain it, just read the article.

– 2 TSA officer fired for groping attractive men. What the Hell? I have a buddy at TSA, I am going to have to call him and find out directly what kind of training they are going through. This is another ,”you have to read it to believe it” story.

– 2 U.S. National Guardsmen tried to sell arms and ammunition to a Mexican Cartel.
Jaime Casillas and Andrew Reyes got really stupid, and greedy, now they will spend a majority of their youth being sex toys for prison gangs.

– The Nigerian military has finally decided to do its job a year after the fact. 200 girls have been trapped, tortured, raped, probably worse by Boko Haram while Nigerian officials do what they do best, be stupid and do nothing!

– 400 migrants feared drowned at sea off the coast of Italy earlier this week. Officials are throwing their hands up and claiming that this type of accident is a complete surprise (whatever!). There has been an onslaught of migrants in the last few weeks numbering in the tens of thousands as unrest in Africa and the Middle East is driving people away from those areas.


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