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05/02/15 – Another day in the “City of Charm”. The weather IS beautiful without a doubt. I watched the sun come up this AM downtown over the water, but then I had to drive out to the east side of town. I am writing this before my first cup of coffee so the writing could be a little aggressive.

The people on the street, as a majority, could care less about what is going on regarding Freddie Gray’s demise. They are too busy trying to work and survive. If it wasn’t for 24 hour talking head TV news, this whole mess would have died on the vine. Now, the State’s Attorney, Mosby, has filed a ton of charges against 6 police officers, 3 white, 3 black (you couldn’t make this crap up). She, Mosby, is married to Nick Mosby whose is on the Baltimore City Councel, and an activist for any cause that gets him on TV and promotes his career. Mrs. Mosby is of like character. She pretty much threw it out there yesterday at her press conference and said she was charging the cops based on political motivations, and the wants and needs of the mob (by mob, I mean the TV people, the out of town race baitors, and hanger’s on). Did I mention that one of her biggest political contributors ($5,000.00) is the hack that represents the Gray family. To say that this farce is anything but political is nonsensical. The Conflict of Interest angles even more so. Mrs. Mosby, though I am sure, has nothing but the purest of intentions (right!), should recuse herself. This will not happen though until the news cameras and crews have left the city. There is still too much succulent “15 minute” fame juice to be squeezed out of the “Freddie Gray” cause. Political careers need to be made here. The irreverent Al Sharpton is still working his angles for money, position, and power, and let’s not forget the racist Shabazz fellow out there trying to create a race war and bring down all of society (Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs). While all of this “end of the world” crap is created by a couple hundred of out of towners, I will be hanging out with people of the east side of Baltimore talking about boxing, BarBQ, the kids, life in general and enjoying the sunny warm day. Maybe I should invite Sharpton, Shabazz, Mosby and the Mayor (Stephanie Rawlings-Blake) over for a parking lot BarBQ with the people. Sit back in some folding chairs work out the kinks and let the sun shine on their faces awhile. There is only one rule, NO POLITICS! If not,…it’s their loss, the people’s gain.

While all of this is going on over a guy that WAS arrested, 5 more people were shot in Northwest Baltimore in 3 different shootings on Thursday night. One dead. Since the National Guard came into town Monday, 6 people have been killed in violence that has nothing to do with the police. Not a PEEP out of anyone on these people murdered. The irony is palpable. Last year 180 black males were killed by black males. That’s right, crickets, tell me the name of one of these victims, that’s right you can’t. Just sad, pathetic and hypocritical. But that’s politics, and the disconnect with the people that are supposed to trust, respect, and honor these clowns. Baltimore leaders take, take, and take, and they give nothing. There is an old saying, “there is no love like self love” well Baltimore’s leaders take this to a whole different level. It is impossible to truly help the masses if you spend all of your time primping in a mirror, fawning over each other. I could continue, but I would be preaching to the choir.


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