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24 hour news channels try to make themselves relevant as much as they can. Anything that occurs on the planet they insert themselves into and try to make it about them. How do I know this, what makes this their reality, because after they report on something they start giving THEIR opinion on it. News is not THEIR opinion, it is reporting the facts and letting the people decide, question, and speculate about what the FACTS mean, but first, the facts have to be given. If you don’t know anything then you don’t know. Modern day 24 hour news services have to FILL TIME. In doing this they keep moving the “bar” of reality. The facts get lost in stretching time and filling. As to Trump, he has said everything he needs to say, he has answered everyone’s questions of any relevance, he has been as nice and cordial as anyone would be to people with hostile intent, and now he says no more to the last debate. I do not begrudge him here, there is really nothing for him to gain from this debate, there is only people of lower standing in the polls and 24 hour talking heads attacking him to gain ground. Trump has nothing to gain and a lot he has garnered to lose. I believe it shows balls to tell Fox, and the other candidates he is not going to participate. If Trump wants to go to an event to help Wounded Warriors, and accomplish his mission in other ways, SO BE IT. One of the problems with the GOP at present is their letting people, I won’t say, candidates stay in a race that is not a race. Some of the people they have allowed in don’t even have one percent of voters. How are these people candidates, if that is the case then I can garner three actual voters and this makes me a candidate. No, we need to cut the fat in a big way. The stage for the debate should have been cut to three actual “candidates” and then a serious debate can be had. Fox wanted to make it personal and left Megan Kelly as an announcer for the debate. She already did one. She is no political expert. She is a talking head that has to bring in viewers in any way she can, and if it means attacking one candidate with ridiculous, accusatory questions or statements then she will. The point is, Trump knows nothing more will be gained for him at any more debates, he can only lose voters and open himself up to attack. The talking heads can attacks him all they want, but they know he IS the DRAW not them. Trump stepping away from the debate stage ws/is a wise tactical move and he was right to do it. Fox and the talking heading attacking Trump be damned.


Danny Glover: Maybe We Should Do Away With the Oscars (SUNDANCE VIDEO)

COMMENTS: There is not much to say here other than there are idiots and then there are damn idiots, Glover being the latter along with Danny DeVito. It is a fact that more noise is heard from those of a diminishing carrier. They have to somehow make themselves relevant in a world that has forgotten them. Case in point.


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