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Everyone new what was going to happen in this debate, and it did. Donald Trump was going to be attacked on all sides, at all times, and the moderators of CNN were not going to help him at all. In fact, they were going to set him up every chance they got. There was even a “moderator” from Telemundo. Telemundo is owned by Univision a company Trump just settled a lawsuit with and won. It was a blood bath, but…Trump weathered the storm, looked more Presidential than ever, and left the competition in his dust.

Rubio and Cruz went after Trump from the start. The funny thing was, every time the two wanna be’s got going Trump would raise his hands and Rubio and Cruz would quiet down. There were a few times that Rubio went after sound bites, but everyone knew that was what he was doing. It was like Rubio and Cruz were still arguing from two debates back. Trump had passed them and learned. He handled the attacks and went forward. It was frustrating not only for Rubio and Cruz, but for Kasich and Carson who were on the stage only as bookends. Kasich did well for the position he was placed, but it was laughable the way Carson was treated. nine out of ten questions and restatement were directed at or responded to by Trump. Poor Ben even joked he wished someone would attack HIM so he could get some TV time. Trump won the debate hands down as many of the polls afterwards showed, but was obvious to all was how different the Republican debates were from the Democrat debates. The Republicans were hit hard by questions, answers and responses where the Democrats were served softballs. Clinton will be destroyed by Trump if he wins the nomination as he should, and I mean on the fact that she is a joke, a has been, and a protected flower by the liberal and democratic press. I would like to see Clinton and Sanders answer questions from Fox news, but that won’t happen the Democrats are to gutless.

Trump was attacked on immigration, taxes, Obamacare, his political friends, the government auditing him, etc. and he answered, and answered, and answered. He kept his answers short and to the point and fought back when he had to. This unlike Carson, and Kasich who would go off on la la statements jumping fron point to point never really settling on anything concrete.

Overall, I knew it would be totally on Trump and he did an excellent job. He should win the nomination, the republican party should back him a thousand percent and the American people should back him a thousand percent, and he should win the Presidency. He is business, he is “don’t take crap from losers like China, Mexico, Russia, and others”, he is “get the job done”, he “work across party lines”, he is “make America great again”. He is America the way it should be, and the America that the rest of the world expects and has been disappointed in NOT seeing in Obama and Clinton. To Donald I say, “job well done, and carry on!”


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