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COMMENTS GIVEN FREELY: This is what the Democrats and the RNC are doing as we are watching. They are setting all of this up. The protesters, the violence, the racism, the disruption. They, the two racist, power hungry groups, I just mentioned, are doing whatever they can legally or illegally to stop Donald Trump. They both want their gutless, slimy, corrupt punks in office and, again, will stoop to the lowest levels to do so. Hillary Clinton is going to prison if Trump is elected so she WILL do whatever she has to to be elected. When faced with prison there is no doubt that this viper will kill, cajole, bribe, extort whoever and whatever to survive. She is a disease and with all diseases it has no compass. They kill, maim, destroy anything in their path be it man, woman, or child, lizard or dog. Trump scares the whole entire corrupt lot to death. The time has been set and the RNC, and the money behind them are plotting and planning. Trump should keep his head low and be swift of foot because if he keeps winning, the RNC and the Democrats will be left with only one option in their own SICK, PSYCHOTIC minds. If you are too stupid to get what I am saying then read the books that will be written years from now about it. Discourse has been created in the idiot, lower populace, and many possible murderers have been created out of thin air. All it takes is a USSS Agent to take a break at the wrong time, be looking in the wrong direction (as instructed) at the wrong time, or any number of things to go wrong at a predetermined, preplanned location and history will be altered. The FIX is in, how fast do you really think a Trump permanently out of the race, investigation would last, A DAY.  With COMEY, LYNCH and OBAMA at the helm of it it would be LAUGHABLE! The irony is they would end up blaming the same guy that made the supposed video that Benghazi attack was blamed on (every conspiracy needs a stooge). Comey has his head so far up the rear of the corrupt Lynch that he hasn’t seen the light of day in years. They talk of his honor, but when it comes to actually being honorable Comey is in the back of the corrupt bus hiding under the seat. Obama is on the hook to Clinton in their own little private scuminess. This is all hypothetical mental meandering, but this is what has made me a good living for 30 years protecting people. I look at the world in A, B, C, D, E and I do pride myself with staying “ahead of the ball”, and never being surprised.  Just remember the fuse has been lit, the big question is…how much time do you have, and how crazy will it get afterwards.


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