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    The following are INFORMATION, ARTICLES and OTHER that I found interesting for the day, week , month. My PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS are added to the information based on my EXPERIENCES in the SECURITY and INTELLIGENCE professions. If YOU have ARTICLES or OTHER you would like placed on the site, please do not hesitate to send them to me with YOUR OPINIONS at efpipps@gmail.com. I look forward to ALL of your comments and information.
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COMMENTS GIVEN FREELY: Now the Climinal can say that she actually panders to psycho Muslim maggots. She supports everyone and when she says everyone the Climinal means EVERYONE. The father of the maggot murdering Muslim that killed 49 people in Orlando was given a prime spot in the crowd of Climinal’s rally. He has stated that he is the President of Afghanistan, that gays should be killed, that women should only be there to serve. I could go on, but even an idiot democrap can get the picture here. Climinal stands for nothing, BUT CLIMINAL! Meg “the Twit” Whitman and many other power players continue to back Climinal because they OWN her. They have purchased Climinal like you would buy whores at a whore house, one piece at a time. Put that in your Clinton Foundation and sell it!



COMMENTS GIVEN FREELY: I and a dear, dear person to me went to the JASON BOURNE movie last night. I had read the reviews and seen that the old crew got back together to make this one. I was hesitant, especially after MATT DAMON came out speaking against guns and the people’s right to have them (Yes, he is another “never graduated from Harvard” idiot) but I liked the Bourne movies before. I WAS MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTED in this one!
– Let’s start with the cost, for two people with one popcorn, and one drink, and a box of candy, a movie is now $50.00. Ridiculous, yes, but if the movie is good, WHATEVER!
– The theater was beautiful, and when the guy walked around with the flashlight he had little glow in the dark thingy’s on his arms! Why? Who knows, he looked stupid I will say that, but we laughed at it, I don’t know if we were supposed to.
– The theater was empty except for us and eight other people.
– My drink fit perfectly in the little cup holder thingy.
– I put too much salt on my popcorn and ruined it. I tried to eat it, and make my movie mate enjoy it, but it was to no avail, IT SUCKED! $15.00 wasted.
– My drink was huge! I am 6’4″ and weigh 244 lbs, with large hands to match and I had to use two hands to pick up the drink cup. I could picture two full cups of sugar in the drink itself. It tasted great though.
– The trailers were good, I don’t remember them, but I know that they showed the whole movie on each one so now I don’t have to pay $50.00 to see them. Somewhere in my semi-conscious mind they are stored so later when I see parts of the movies I can say, “I saw that, I know!” and skip over it on Apple Movie’s.
– Now, to the movie itself, it sucked from the start. You know this because the camera man seems to be in the armpit of the actor. You keep hoping he will step back and you will be able to see what is going on, but it doesn’t happen. Hollywood equates this armpit action to action, it’s frickin irritating and stupid, and seeing pieces parts of these people on the screen I did not want to be in their armpits.
– Plot, there was none, Jason, Matt, Fred, Bob, Troy, whatever David Webb (Bourne’s real name) get’s involved in something that he has no reason to get involved in. His friend, the blond chick from the other movies, that had a “jonesing” for him, contacts Bourne from his “fight night” lifestyle and tries to get him involved on something he already said he doesn’t want to get involved with. He meets her anyway in the middle of a civil war (really!) and they run around dodging the participants of the civil war (Duh, you are in the middle of a civil war!) She dos not do so well, but before not doing so well she hands off something to Bourne who now, through Hollywood script writing stupidity has a reason for revenge, or at least interest. I have to say here something that goes to my fricking stem every time with pseudo spook/military movies.
_ With all of the so-called experts hired to be experts on the movie work out the fricking radio jargon. When someone says, “Copy that!” IT MEANS “REPEAT LAST” dumb-asses. So according to the movie script all the actors would have been doing is repeating themselves because they all said “Copy That” a hundred times, only no one repeted the last statement. Frustrating for sure. This is what “Roger That” and “10-4” was created for, and HUA (Heard, Understood, Acknowledged), not, “I coming”, “Copy That!”, “I’m coming”, “Copy That!”, “I’m coming”, “Copy that!” You get the picture I hope, “Roger that”.
– The action was armpit again, too close, and too much waste. How many car can a truck hit before someone says, “Enough with the fricking cars!” I can see the director as a child, holding two MatchBox cars and ramming them into each other over and over and each time saying, “Cool!” “Copy that!”, “Coll!”, “Copy that!” “Cool!”, “Copy that!”
– OK, you get the picture, or you don’t. This movie sucked! Copy that!

Havwe a great day!


Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS


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