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    The following are INFORMATION, ARTICLES and OTHER that I found interesting for the day, week , month. My PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS are added to the information based on my EXPERIENCES in the SECURITY and INTELLIGENCE professions. If YOU have ARTICLES or OTHER you would like placed on the site, please do not hesitate to send them to me with YOUR OPINIONS at efpipps@gmail.com. I look forward to ALL of your comments and information.



COMMENTS GIVEN FREELY: I write this not in defense of Ivanka because she is strong enough, smart enough, and classy enough to see the scumbag libotard left whiners for what they are as all of us do still. I write this because it makes me feel great pulling the scum libotards out into the light where they burn like a vampire in the sunlight. CHRIS MATHEWS is a Climinal piss bucket carrier as well as his wife. He is all things scum from top to bottom. He has no honor, no code, no ethics, no morals. He operates in a libotard, democrap world where nothing Donald Trump will ever do will be acknowledged in a positive way. The second Donald Trump kicked Climinal’s sorry corrupt ass off of the world stage along with the Climinal minions licking her tail and covering her crimes, he was placed into the hate locker forever. The Trump family and machine are SO much smarter and classier than the scum at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, ESPN, etc. The democrap syndrome here for the republicans is that we gave their crap President Obama, Mr. catastrophic failure, a chance and he did what we knew he would do FAIL! But we gave him a chance. The democraps will never give Trump a chance. They conspire, collude, commit crime all in the name of undercutting the President of the United States. They are sabotaging the American people and committing treason in doing so. The democraps are all about the democraps and protecting their sick, pathetic, sociopathic positions. The democrap party at present is CRAP! It will remain that way as long as the scum that are “leading” it remain in power, and their sycophant followers will continue to suffer. Their only recourse at present is to attack a woman, a daughter of the President because they know attacking him will only get their asses kicked again, but believe this scumbags, Ivanka is made from her fathers steel and if you think that you will be able to bully her, you will also come away with an ass whooping. Chris Mathews and his like are scum and will never be anything more than that. Wipe your shoes of him and it and continue on into a more positive realistic world. GO TRUMP! GO IVANKA!


COMMENTS GIVEN FREELY: This is the third article I have read the past week about the left trying to make something out of Chelsea Clinton that is valuable, and it is failing miserably. Most of the time the family is off limits, but Chelsea has set herself up by one, collecting corrupt funds from the now defunct criminal organization Clinton Foundation, two, saying that she would be interested in running for office, and three, continuing to collect awards for her dubious work at organizations claiming to do good. Even though there are thousands of people, tens of thousands of people in New York that actually do good work for others, Chelsea “handout” Clinton, is always there to accept a fictional, “created from cloth” award for her charity. The irony here is larger than the Grand Canyon, and a sad joke. As the article states along with the others, Chelsea needs to take her stolen millions and disappear somewhere out there in the world with her corrupt mother and pedophile, rapist father. A good start would be to admit that you were part of one of the greatest political scams ever placed upon the American public. You won’t, I know, you know it, and the American public knows it, we sit back and read about the pathetic joke that was/is the “Climinal Political Dynasty”. Talk about fairy’s and fairy dust and Chelsea will keep collecting awards and being paid ridiculous sums of money for being what her mother was, A COMPLETE FRAUD!


COMMENTS GIVEN FREELY: I believe and will always believe that the downfall of ESPN began when the idiots at the top allowed the minions, who thought they had some intelligence, to start giving their political views. NO ONE CARED THEN, and they definitely don’t care now, only now ESPN is down 12 millions subscribers and losing more every month. The money the network is and was paying for sports programming is absurd and unsustainable much like the leftist politics of the talking heads. One example was Colin “the imbecile” Kapernick who was fine being a traitor to America with his little whiny crap on the sideline that fixed, solved, diminished nothing, but once his job was gone and his paycheck stopped he all of a sudden stated that he would not kneel during the national anthem any longer. It was and is too late idiot. You can rot on the sideline of a pee wee football game now in your street clothes. NO ONE CARES, and NO ONE CRED when you were making a complete ass out of yourself, your team, and your country that made you a wealthy man. All of the talking head idiots at ESPN spoke about loftier things than the GAME, but that’s what they were being paid to do Colin! That’s their job to create discension and in doing so supposed larger viewership. The problem was they were wrong and you were wrong about it, about America, about Americans. You live in your millionaire lifestyle, spending whatever on expensive cars, living the life that 99 percent of Americans want and then you spat in the face of the country that gave it to you. All the while forgetting the fact that you were a little football player playing a GAME that produces hundreds a year that can do the same thing you were not doing and getting payed to do and that is football and winning at it. Colin you got your comeuppance last month and will continue because no one is going to hire your sorry ass. ESPN got some of theirs yesterday. They, like you, took something that was stupidproof and screwed it up. All you had to do was play football and enjoy your riches, all they had to do was report you playing football and enjoy their riches, but this is the problem with IDIOTS they always find a way to f#%k it up! Daddy Disney is kicking ass and taking names and I, along with a majority of Americans are now enjoying the sports show!



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