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Today is a day of remembrance. I was sitting at my desk this morning drinking my coffee and for the first time since April 16 truly thinking about the “old man”. He died on that day this year and I was there when his heart gave out and the doctor said there was nothing that could be done. It was ironic that the doc said what he said the way he did in that dad always pushed us to believe in “never say can’t”.

I was telling my wife yesterday about an ESPN 30 for 30 show that was playing then on the Celtics and the Lakers rivalry in the 80’s. They were winning championships back and forth and talk of the greatest games arose. She listened the way she always does when I am talking about something she really is not interested in but she loves me and she was a captivated audience. The next day she sent me a video she had gotten from someone on Facebook about the “Greatest Game” ever played. It was a practice game played during the Olympics between probably the greatest Olympic basketball team ever put together. No one was in the gym, just the players and it would be the crowning of Michael Jordan as the new king of basketball. He “schooled” Magic Johnson and the rest on the court that day. To show an example of the competition, Larry Bird was on the sidelines and didn’t play. Anyway, that got me thinking about the greatest basketball game I ever played in. I was pretty good at basketball at one time and eventually was MVP and captain of my high school team at Fork Union Military Academy. It did not start off that way. Years before I tried to make the team at Providence Junior High School and it was a complete and utter failure and embarrassing to me. It ended on a practice that I got frustrated and took it out on a smaller guy. I shoved him into the bleachers (I am still sorry for that SJ). Coach Plaguemen called time out and grabbed me by the arm. He was not happy and with what I did, and I did not make the team. I went home in disgrace, but from that complete low I decided to dedicate myself to not only making the teams from then on, but starting and excelling.

I built a basketball goal in the back yard on top of the carport and put lights out so I could practice all night if necessary. I practiced and played in hot weather, cold weather, and I played anyone that would step on the court. I had my mom take me to the city to play there, and I can tell you I was not accepted at first, but I would not give up or in. My mom was complaining every day about how many pairs of Converse Allstars I was going through. It didn’t matter, I was dedicated to cause and the dedication was a direct result of things my dad had instilled in me and my brother and sisters over the years. Work hard, never give up, be smart, have a passion for what you do, work hard, work harder, work hardest. Did I mention work hard? Anyway, the hard work and passion started to show results and there were few that could beat me one-on-one. I was shooting late one night out at the carport in a five shot rotation on fifteen foot jump shots when dad walked up. It was late and no one was around. He had never shown any interest in basketball or playing it, but he set his stuff down and walked onto the court. I was surprised and a little taken aback by his “out of no where” desire to play. I said OK, but he was going to get an “ass whooping”. He mumbled something under his breath and then we started. Now, believe me when I say my father had never played any sport with me, he worked hard and was gone on the road as a long haul truck driver for most of my life. There was a little of “I will show you” when we started. He did not take it easy on the fouls and that was where he excelled in basketball. We played to fifteen and it was over in ten minutes. I won’t tell you the score as that was not important and the outcome was never in doubt. When it was done, he said there was a lot about basketball he didn’t understand. He walked off the court, picked up his stuff and went inside. We never played another game together again. He was disabled in a truck accident a few years later and the chance for a repeat was over. That one game, on that one night out of the the thousands that I have played and hundreds I have watched will never be matched because of its pure rarity. After that night, my dad acquired a desire to watch basketball and an obsession was born that lasted until the day he died. That one game played in the middle of the night with no one watching was the greatest game I ever played…with the old man.

Godspeed Lewis B. Fisher,
we miss you every day


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