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BY Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS

I have a client who, a week ago, was unfortunate enough to have their house struck by lightening. The chaos and destruction the lightening caused to the electrical systems, and equipment in the house was complete. The question to me from them was having to deal with the contractors involved and the insurance company.

The lightening entered the house through the Verizon line. It jumped to the electrical lines and exited the house in a millionth of a second through the basement to the school next door where it wreaked havoc there. Anything attached to Verizon was cooked: all of the T.V.’s, telephones, wall communication system, alarm system and so forth. Also, through the electrical system: wall sockets, anything that was attached to dimmer switches, printers, on and on.

I will get to the point here. every one of the estimates from the alarm company, and the AV systems company were high. Not only that they were extremely high. The alarm company estimate was over $1,700.00, probably 4 times what it should have been for the equipment to be replaced. The AV system estimate was over $30,000.00, but the problem was that they only put the prices of the equipment that was in the house, not the equipment that would replace the old. A useless number in my opinion as the owners were guaranteed replacement value.

The insurance company was painful in that the adjuster they had would not call the people back, answer emails, or return phone calls. The system the company had was to put everything on the computer and all could read the notes, but only the adjuster could OK charges. When a house loses power things need to be fixed in hours not days or weeks. Waiting for an adjuster to call you back in days is unacceptable which is what I advised.

I told the clients that fixing this was going to be ugly for a few minutes, but then would be cured. I got on the phone with the insurance company, and demanded to speak to a supervisor, then the supervisor of the loser handling the claim. I stated that we wanted the adjuster replaced with someone that would do what they said and communicate with the family. There was a scatter time when the people I spoke with tried to figure out what to do. I hung up, I was not kind to them, but I wasn’t rude. A half hour later the original adjuster called the family and he had a new attitude. he was kind, informative and swore allegiance to getting the job done.

The alarm company call was about the same, but more permanent. I had discussed the possibilities with the family and in the end the facts were that the original security company guy was trying to defraud the family. I suggested leaving that company and getting another one. They were amenable to that, so they dumped the original security alarm company and got another which gave a much more reasonable estimate to fix the damage and then monitor from then on.

The AV estimate problem was more advanced, but if taken in small bites fixable. I had the family drive to Best Buy and use the paperwork from the original AV company to identify the old equipment and come up with comparable equipment with the prices. When I left them the “train” was back on the tracks and they were getting the problems worked out like they should have been from the beginning.

In today’s business environment if you do not pay attention to what is going on, or trust people you do not know and have never met, too much, they will take advantage of you. Once the contract companies heard that they were called for an insurance claim, they sharpened their pencils and pulled out the “screw you” stick. Everything here was confusing to the client because there was no baseline. They didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. Once they knew what was real (prices for stuff) then they could easily deal with the rest. I was there solely to point out possible and more probable fraud. I love doing that.

By Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS

We have read ad nauseum about the “cyber attack” on Sony Pictures computer systems. To say that they were caught off guard would be an understatement. The point I want to make is, why did it have to come to this before Sony and the Government realized this was a possibility. Once they realized it was a possibility, and WAS happening, why was there NO plan of Action (POA) to deal with it? Depending on the FBI is turning out to be a joke. They are the police organization that shows up AFTER THE FACT to fill out paperwork. They are more interested in making arrests, and playing investigation games again AFTER THE FACT. I don’t see where this helps American business and U.S. citizens. For all of the money being spent on this computer CRAP, yes I say crap because I believe computers are limited greatly by massive weaknesses that will never be cured, and weak people depend on them to be a panacea for all things which is another joke. Programming security/hacking goes to the smarter guy, and the more dedicated guy. There are just too many ways to deconstruct a system out there for anyone to say that they can secure it. The best security, as always, is anonymity. Once you give this up, YOU RISK. Sony “gave the finger” to Korea and stated they were going to assassinate a current head of state in a comedy movie. Whether you believe they stepped over the line on this is another question, but what I do say is that they were the pipsqueak at the bar that starts a losing fight with the professional boxer. After getting their ass kicked, pants pulled down, and made to drink a cup of piss, they wanted to whine and say that they had no idea this could happen. I say this GET YOURSELF SOME DECENT SECURITY PROFESSIONALS, PR PEOPLE, AND NEW MANAGEMENT. What you have sucks. I say this to companies and people out there, DO NOT DEPEND ON THE FBI to save your rears. If you are going to start a bar fight you better be able to defend yourself in real time with out the help of your big brother. If you cannot do this then keep your big mouth shut and “stay small”.


If this is true it just goes to show what extent Obama will go to in his attempt to fool Americans. I guess he did know what he was doing was illegal. The problem he has is that in not signing it then it does not exist and as such does not need to be followed. The greater point is that, no one in Washington knows what Obama is doing and they are too gutless to stop him. It is sad that people who claim to be SO smart are any thing but.


Written By: Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS
Phone: (202) 812-0811
I have been a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), and Private Investigator (PI) in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 29 years.


Private Investigator – definition and examples of what a PI does
“A private investigator means any individual who engages in the business of, or accepts employment to make, investigations to obtain information on crimes or civil wrongs; the location, disposition, or recovery of stolen property; the cause of accidents, fires, damages, or injuries to persons or to property; or evidence to be used before any court, board, officer, or investigative committee.”

Personal Protection Specialist – definition and examples of what a PPS Agent does
“A personal protection specialist means any individual who engages in the duties of providing close protection from bodily harm to any person.”
Expanded to Person, Place or Thing.

Are these the occupations for you?
Life Style Change

Employee of Company?
There are many examples of professionals becoming Private Investigators for PRIVATE COMPANIES. The rules that govern them change with the company, and with their profession. As an example, Insurance Companies and Law Firms can hire you as a Private Investigator, but you come under their “shingle” and liability coverage. You do NOT have to have many of the certifications/licenses that you would under your own company, or if you were operating as an Independent Contractor. There is also the specifics of who are you doing the work for, if it is the company, then continue on, but if you are taking on work outside of the insurance company, and/or law firm, then you need to be licensed to do so as an Independent Contractor. To work for someone else requires only that you complete the classes of
1. PI Training, Certification, and License
2. PPS Training, Certification, and License
3. Security Guard Training, Certification, and License (Unarmed)
4. Security Guard Training, Certification, and License (Armed)
For anything “Armed” you will need to go through Basic Firearms Training, Certification, and License. For Armed Security Guard you will need only the “Basic”, but with PPS you will need the “Basic”, and “Advanced” firearms Training, Certification and License.
You will also need to get a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) if you plan to carry a firearm on your person concealed.

Independent Contractor of a Company
This means that you qualify as an Independent Contractor as a Private Investigator, and or Personal Protection Specialist. Under this designation you can take on work from anyone you wish whether: personal, corporate, or government, or other. You need to Contract with the entity that you are working for. To start with, the licenses, certifications, training, and insurance are:
1. PPS License
2. PI License
3. Compliance Agent Certification
4. Business License
5. Liability Insurance
6. Concealed Weapons Permit
7. Basic Firearms Certification
8. Advanced Firearms Certification
9. Start a VIRGINIA CORPORATION under company name.
10. Get a good Business Lawyer
11. Open up accounts at a BANK for Business Operations, Business Escrow, and possible Business payroll.
12. Get CREDIT CARDS in the name of the business.
13. Seek out and find a really good CPA.
14. Find a COMPUTER GEEK to create a website for your company.
15. Create a separate website for your Credentials and Resume that is PASSWORD PROTECTED.
16. Find an INSURANCE COMPANY that will write your insurance.
17. Find a great TRAINING ACADEMY to go through the classes you need.

It is quite painful to go through all of this, but if it what you were meant to do with your life as I was, it is well worth it. So, get ready for about 9 months of classes, paperwork, and logistics for classes.

The cost is around $4,000.00 when it is all said and done.


1. Virginia’s DCJS – What is it?
Mostly pain! But it is the Department that you have to go through to be legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a PI, and or PPS.

2. I have a CWP, does this allow me to work armed under DCJS rules and Regulations?
Absolutely NOT!

3. I retired from the FBI, CIA, DEA, CBP, Homeland Security, etc. can’t I just start my own security, and or investigation business?
Only after going through the same process as everyone else. I have seen many people from the Federal Government jump out and try to start a Security Business without the proper paperwork,… they failed. No matter where you came from, what you have done in the past, how good you think you are, VA DCJS doesn’t care. It is a 99% failure business. Remember that. You fail for a number of reasons, don’t let this be one of them.

4. DO I need to incorporate my Security/Investigation business?
Yes, even though others would say, no. The problem is, among many others, you risk everything you have personally by not incorporating. Study the law, study the business, study the pitfalls and you will RUN to the State Corporation Commission to incorporate your business.

5. Where will I get business as an Independent Contractor?
Hutzpah! and a “never give up attitude”. The main thing is to work smart, not just work. Everything should cross over into other areas of your work so that in the end everything you do is tied up in a nice neat package and sellable.

6. Who will I work for as employee?
Basically, whoever will have you. Read the regulations that DCJS puts out and learn them. There are a larger percentage of people (employers) out there that will lead you down the path of destruction because they don’t know what the rules are, what the laws are, and that they will be able to just sneak by. Remember, you are the one that will be left holding the bag if something goes sideways. Pop someone in a bar doing part-time “security” work without the proper credentials and see where that gets you. Run your mouth before you know what the liability is, get caught up in a civil lawsuit without studying your occupation and see how long you are in it,…NO VERY LONG!

I could go on, but you get the picture. There is a lot that goes into these professions. There is NO class taught by DCJS or other schools that go into what is needed above and beyond the basic classes to succeed. I do consult with people getting into the Security Business and go through a multitude of subject pertinent to your survival, your training, your business acumen, and other. I have been in this BUSINESS for 29 years and have survived and thrived doing it FULL-TIME not PART-TIME.

My name is Emiel Fisher
My Number is (202) 812-0811
I look forward to your call.

By Emiel Fisher

I am watching the hearing on the Secret Service debacles that have been occurring on a regular and unabated basis. To say that it is a sad example of politics, government, and human nature would be an understatement. The hearings started, as they always do, with Chairman Issa going through a statement of facts, followed by the fluffing that occurs so that no ones feeling are hurt, and it goes something like this, “we all admire and respect the hard work and dedication that Agents have and the fact that they put their lives on the line every day.” This makes me sick for it is not for the agents that actually do their jobs every day, it is so the pathetic agents hired or kept on because of PC beliefs, pink-pantied rules, or management just too gutless to get rid of the dead weight don’t get hurt feelings. I, as a protection agent, in the one-percentile could care less what Congress, or anyone else says about me as long as I protect the person I have been given to protect, and God, or whatever Pagan symbol you pray to, help the clown who tries to get in the way of that. The Chairman’s opening speech was followed by the usual minions (Cummings, Norton, and Chaffetz) saying the same thing only differently, because it is Washington. Issa did the usual coverup, in that some of the hearing was Top Secret and couldn’t be talked about, also, the investigation into the latest guffaw (Gonzalez, also known as the Olympic Sprinter)) by the Secret Service was still being conducted, so really this whole “dog and pony” show was so that politicians, government agency wannabes, and the usual can get on T.V. and pontificate verbal vomitus grandus. The whole thing makes me sick, for the main theme here is the head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, should be fired with prejudice and the top twenty people under her. They have failed miserably, they follow standards that are of the lowest common denominator, they just don’t get it in other words and they never will. When this is all said and done, a lot of money will be spent, stupid new rules that mean nothing to security will be instituted, the people who should be fired will receive promotions and commendations (because we can’t hurt people’s feelings, and as in peewee baseball run by liberals, EVERYBODY should win!). The SOP Training Guide and Practice Manual for the Secret Service will increase by another 100 pages on top of the 2,000 pages it already is, which no one reads, much less studies, and the Service will go back to status quo. Great system.  I will let you in on a little secret here people, IT IS THE PEOPLE YOU HIRE, that make the difference.  All of the training in the world will not make up for a person in a job they were not meant for.  The Secret Service is full of people who could not do what is necessary at the Moment of Truth (MOT).  This would require a “constitution” of which present agents never had, and will never possess.  We don’t need more people and more stupid PC training, you need the “few” people who will, when threatened, draw a weapon, whatever it is, and kill that which is making the threat, and then carry on and sleep like a baby because they had the strength of “right” on their side.  The Secret Service has shown themselves to be weak now in the “jungle” of threats, and this is a a terrible position to be in when confronted with the enemies the U.S. now faces.  One of the main weapons Protection Agents have is the fear they institute in the aggressor just by demeanor and other.  The Secret Service does not possess this any longer.  They are the bully that is getting his ass kicked, and turned out to be a bunch of “hot wind”.  I could tell you what you need to fix this, but I would be wasting my time.  Maybe, we can train them by getting them to buy groceries for Illegals, change baby diapers, hand out candy to the Taliban, etc., but then again, maybe not.

Oh, and from a Psychological standpoint, I would tell Pierson that testifying while your hair is covering one of your eyes makes you look shady and untrustworthy. Just a thought.

The Meaning of Words as to Taking Lives
By Emiel Fisher

I spent a lot of time in school studying English. It was a painful thing let me say. There were many other projects I would have rather been doing, but between an over bearing mother and a disciplinarian father (yes, they were allowed then) my choices were minimal in not going to school and learning. The point is, I had to learn the definition of words. My teachers were very specific when it came to a word, and its specific meaning. I remember one column would have the words and the definitions would be in another column, out of order and you would draw a line from the word to the definition. There were other test methods, but this one I enjoyed best. Now, in modern times words don’t have one meaning, in fact the word can have completely opposite meanings. In the Obama Administration, words have NO meaning as to what I learned the word meant. Let’s stake the word WAR, Webster’s pipes in with, “an organized effort by a government or other large organization to stop or defeat something that is viewed as dangerous or bad.” Under Obama War is not defined. It can mean love, it can mean candy, it can mean diplomacy. It means anything but the definition above. The same goes for “boots on the ground.” If you have soldiers in-country serving as soldiers, whether they are fighting or not, they are, “boots on the ground.” Not under Obama, soldiers can be in-country, but they are not “boots on the ground.” I would love to hear how this is different. I can tell you he cannot. It is just one example of the many ways Obama is trying to shovel crap down our throats and get us to eat it without discussion. He and his minions are full of it, and I am saying right now, “the king has no clothes” and he is no where near as smart, capable, educated as the majority of people in the U.S. give him credit for. If you are going to send “boots on the ground” and fight a War with the maggots ISIS, have the balls to call it that and be straight forward with the American people. Anything less than that just makes you look more stupid.

By Emiel Fisher, PI, PPS

I will make this article short and simple for all of you out there. Picture having a homestead that is an acre in size. You have the house on part of it, some grass on part of it, bushes on some of it, a stream that runs through it on part of it, and all of this adds up to one acre. In having this acre you are able to walk and enjoy every inch of it. It is yours. Not only that but the six properties surrounding yours are owned by nice people that allow you to walk on their property also. Now you have access to 10 full acres of land. You enjoy it, your family enjoys it, your animals enjoy it. Life is good. This is your world. Now, picture a new person/family moves into the area. This person/family is not like the other neighbors. They drink excessively, sell drugs off of the front porch, have a number of bad dogs that chase, scare and bite anyone that not only goes on their property, but on their own also. The cops are gutless and don’t do anything about it, or wait so long to deal with the problem that it becomes moot by the time they do. The point is, your world has now become a lot smaller, and even the part that you own is now threatened. Every time you, or your family leave the house you don’t know what will happen. You begin to age 5 days to the day. The stress begins to wear on you, your wife and the kids. The neighbors dogs have killed two of yours, so it is definitely putting stress on the remainder.
Now, you get one of the problems Obama has created by not taking care of business in the Middle East and elsewhere. He has made America’s world a lot smaller. We are lessoned by the fact that we cannot go out and enjoy the world like we used to before, and the sadder part is, it is getting smaller and smaller by day. This is occurring, again, because Obama, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson, and John Brennan are not doing the jobs they hold. It is a terrible precedent to set, as once space is given it is very hard to impossible to take back, and this would be with someone that can lead. A situation we do not have at present. Our “leaders” are gutless. Our “leaders” are power hungry confused little children who would rather argue than solve problems, our “leaders” are too old and out of touch with reality to fix the massive problems they have created, ignored, and allowed to grow in size, mass, and complexity. Many will suffer, many will die, much waste will occur because Obama and his Obinions, the Congress and Senate cannot grow up and solve problems. Our world grows smaller and smaller with no end in sight.


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